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1. Sign up to create your Video/Audio streaming website:

The signing process is important for every buyer. You are required to submit all the mandatory details including Company Name, Mail id, and Mobile number to position your streaming website. Once the account setting is completed, your Webnexs store will be generated within a few minutes and you can preview it rapidly. On top of the website your CMS dashboard is shown, you will find a buying/ Subscription icon. Also, You can purchase the premium feature for professional OTT platform outlook.

2. Choose Your Monthly plan:

Monthly Plans are listed on the buyer’s conveniences. Based on the structures of features, You can take purchase decisions. You can choose your favored plans from Webnexs Standard/Professional/Enterprise packages. Purchase your subscription plans which you opt to choose and comfortable with acquiring features in extensive OTT platforms offers.

3. Configure and Customize OTT Platform:

Now, Configure your streaming website with suitable content classification like Videos/Audios files, content format (single or multi-part), and variety of content (VOD/ Live streams). It provides the overall information about the content formation and course of your streaming service. 

After the configuration process is done, move on to customizing the sites for ensuring a finer User-Interface. Select your adorable template and add a logo & banner. 

4. Upload Content in your library with CMS:

Attach Content for your websites, plays a vital role in determining the feasible Video/Audio streaming service. Present your basic details like Content Name, Classification, Representation, Launch date, and other information to engage the uploading procedure. You can also preview the media files attached to the library, whenever you want. Provide authentic and exclusive content for building unique associations among the viewer’s choice.  

5. Set your Monetization Model:

The last step is to monetize, both VOD/live streaming Videos and Audio. Based on the extent of your business, you can also select multiple ways of monetization models.

Webnexs Solution provides SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, Pay-Per-View & HVOD monetization models to ensure superior revenue generation in the streaming services. 


Finally setting up the platform in effective ways, its time to frame marketing tactics & focus all your attempts on branding & promotions. Pivot on clear record about monthly turnovers relevant to the customer’s subscriptions, we can initiate the fruitful way of profits in the streaming business. 

Webnexs Solution conveys the specialized way of launching your OTT platforms and monetizes your content in the best ROI Technology. 

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