8 Marketing Tools that will Help You Boost Your OTT Platform

There are numerous OTT platforms on the market that provide a diverse selection of material for viewers to watch and listen to. People must choose the best-suited one depending on their specific requirements due to a lack of time and a restricted amount to spend on leisure. This presents a challenge for OTT players, forcing them to employ strong marketing methods to persuade potential clients that they are worth their time and money. An OTT platform can effectively reach and establish a devoted audience base with the correct set of marketing tools.

1. Platform with SEO Support

People will only attempt to visit your website if your streaming service is well-known, and this is entirely dependent on how well you rank on Google. Webnexs provides you with a platform with enormous potential for optimizing your content in search results. Discover the most effective SEO tactics for 2021.

2. Post in Social Media Forums

You may easily receive free organic traffic by sharing your information on numerous social media sites. Webnexs has a ‘Simulcasting’ feature that allows you to simultaneously broadcast your material over various social media networks without sacrificing stream quality. You may quickly share your live stream on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms. Aside from that, the social login feature allows users to sign in/log in with just one click via all popular social networking platforms. This makes it easy for users to share your material on their social media feeds, allowing your platform to spread across borders.

3. Email Notifications That Are Customized

Personalization of products and services to satisfy the distinctive demands of individual clients is at the heart of modern-day marketing. Webnexs provides you with customized email solutions to reach out to your audience and create a personalized experience. You can attract, engage, and convert consumers into paying customers with user analytics and automated email templates.

4. Multi-device support:

You can’t afford to lose clients because your OTT platform isn’t flexible enough to accommodate a variety of devices and formats. Webnexs supports multiple devices and formats, allowing you to effortlessly grow your audience and build a global brand. Furthermore, adaptive bitrate technology enables you to deliver a high-quality, buffer-free experience on a variety of devices, regardless of Internet speed or connection.

 Any OTT business that wants to win in this ultra-competitive industry must prioritize consumer-focused marketing. Only the correct advertising methods, backed up by complementary in-app features, can produce greater results, regardless of how rich the content is. The intelligent features of Webnexs complement all of your marketing efforts, making them more profitable in terms of improved engagement and revenue.

5. Use analytics to drive results

With the introduction of smart data analytics, the game of 21st-century marketing tools has completely transformed. You no longer have to make decisions based on a hunch, but rather on the analysis of massive amounts of consumer data.

The live dashboard makes it simple to collect user information and analyze it in real-time. You can also utilize custom metrics to get particular information about your content’s trends and performance. Webnexs does not stop there; it also allows you to integrate major third-party analytics platforms like Google Analytics, Microsoft Analytics, and others.

6. Push notifications:

Push notifications are an excellent method to keep in touch with visitors to your website. These alerts not only increase your conversion rate by gently reminding viewers about deals and discounts they might appreciate, but they also notify them about any new material accessible on your platform. 

To re-engage with your audience and retain customers, use this versatile and smooth streaming solution to create customized push alerts.

7. Coupons & Recommendations

Coupons and referral schemes are quite effective in converting visitors into paying members. To attract more prospects and turn them into paying customers, you might offer discount codes and coupons for your most recent content. When it comes to obtaining new customers, referral schemes are also quite beneficial.

8. Make Recommendations That Are Personalized

Webnexs enables you to create branded OTT apps that increase your brand’s visibility and perceived value. Your video player, as well as other technical and non-technical components of your platforms, can be readily customized. It also provides personalized title suggestions to help you increase conversions. The AI-powered recommendation engine helps your users locate relevant material quickly and easily, making content discovery simple.

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