9 Essential iOS 11 Features to Consider for your App

Nowadays Apple is releasing peer-to-peer transactions with Apple Pay, a redesigned App Store, and enhancement to augmented reality to users everywhere. Whereas the new features are mainly consumer-facing, there are just as various exhilarating statement for iOS developers. From additions such as Drag and Drop, to ARKit, to upgrading in existing frameworks, there’s something for each type of app in iOS 11.

Here’s a list of the most exciting new features available in iOS 11 that app developers need to consider to remain significant in the viable app market:


By siri’s voice control, app can provide transactional features. This is generally useful in banking apps, as users can ask Siri to transfer money, view their balances, or even pay their existing bills. Siri can also include a lists, such as grocery or shopping lists within a retail app.

It’s clear that voice is becoming an essential edge as it provides users with a profusion of advantages. Today, many companies are applying AI in their mobile apps to transform the customer experiences. AI integrations have been influential in app development for many years, starting with Apple’s Siri and it has potential to progress much more in the upcoming years. Sustaining SiriKit should be a high priority for app developers as voice integrations raise in demand.

Machine Learning & Vision Frameworks

In latest iphone, Apple is hub on machine learning and making it simple for developers to connect in with this latest technology. The Vision framework of ios 11 exploits can sort from text, barcode, face, and landmark detection to object tracking and image registration.

The new machine learning framework called Core ML is intended to hold a wide variety of models rather than just investigative images. Similarly, Tensor Flow Lite, declared at Google I/O, runs on devices as an alternative solution to running in the cloud. Apple has obstinately centered on CoreML to run purposely on their own devices with products such as Siri and the Camera. This hub on machine learning is driving a complete new class of mobile app potentials.


ARKit is a toolkit for developers that permit apps to have a native augmented reality framework. It permits apps to use computer vision for object recognition, and virtual objects can be placed on the shown that are context-aware.

ARKit is said to be the leading augmented reality platform in the world now that iOS 11 has been released.

Phased Releases for App Store Updates

Phased releases can be valuable for app developers in a number of ways. Most considerably, it may assist from a testing standpoint if you want to see how users like a certain new feature before it’s released to all users. Also from a marketing point of view, it allows you to release an update to a precise region at definite times.

Enhanced Push Notifications

iOS 11 apps allow you to engage with notifications while the device is still on the lock screen. Now users can like or comment on photos or video without opening the app. In some cases, users can also make certain notifications private. This is taking the user experience beyond the app, permiting users to hold with app content without even having to open the app first.

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is also a motivating latest feature introduced in iOS 11. Related to Samsung Pay, Apple Pay will let users transfer their money to friends and family. Users can now open the Apple Pay through the Messages app and send money from debit or credit cards. What’s more is that it also supports Siri voice commands.

Business Chat

In Latest iMessage app, users can shop, make appointments, and receive customer service. This shove to interact with businesses in real-time is addressing the high demand of immediate, personalized customer service.

An identical feature exists in Facebook Messenger, however, Apple does not need businesses to have a social media account. Clientele can seek for a business in iOS through Safari, Maps, or Siri, and from any of those services, they can open iMessage and chat with the business. According to Apple, “Business Chat assists you make persistent, long-lasting relationships with your clientele.” Apple seems to be offering developers with more client access as they distinguish the significance of real-time customer service.

Drag & Drop

The main advantage of Drag and Drop is to help users with multitasking. Users can now move content inside apps or between apps while using their other hand to influence apps while dragging. Users can even use the latest dock system to activate other apps while they are in mid-drag. Developers can make anything draggable, from Photoshop layers to items that are in-game.

However, the Drag and Drop functionality on the iPhone will not work the same way as it does on the iPad.

Latest Swift Compiler in Xcode 9

This release mainly stimulates developers,as it includes a brand-new compiler written specially for Swift. Apple declared that this new Swift compiler will develop construct times and file indexing, two main pain-points for developers. This updates will impel developer adoption and encourage swift development as it is said to develop effectiveness, saving company development time and cost.

These are some essential features of iOS 11 that should be consider to your app. For more information contact us.

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