Benefits Of Using PHP Framework CodeIgniter For Web Development

Several open source platforms are available to facilitate a developer to build a website. PHP Framework CodeIgniter is one of the best platform allowing you to use free website and application development. Its diverse features are very popular among PHP web developers.

It is used to create powerful web applications in the PHP field. Apps that improve the CodeIgniter framework work fast and efficient due to its dynamic and excellent features.

This powerful PHP framework helps programmers to create marketing application. CodeIgniter provides a helpful package features for writing code from scratch.

Many advanced web applications have been developed using this advanced technology platform. This framework is built for PHP developers who need a simple toolkit to create an advanced application. This toolkit contains some other resources for supporting libraries, plug-ins, modules other functions and practices.

This simple toolkit compliments you with more benefits. You will get a simple interface, libraries and logical structure to create a fast dynamic website for PHP. These procedure helps you when you write code from Scratch. It provides many effective features in support of the development of dynamic PHP websites.

Why You must Use CodeIgniter Frameworks?

CodeIgniter has in-built library classes and some features of CodeIgniter.

  1. Handling Error

Provide user-friendly and simple interfaces, which are very useful in detecting and manipulating global errors throughout the application. Here you will get error handling instructions and debugging messages. It shows the list of all PHP errors in your application without fail.

  1. Useful Verification System

The form validation feature allows you to write a code in a single line. You can use the useful verification configuration to write code without having any error.

  1. Customization And Configuration

Already existing CodeIgniter files can be easily edited, and created as a developer and can be created based on the application. Customizing existing files is very simple and it is not initially messed up.

  1. Migration Feature

It is very simple to manage database updates across different fields. Migration from server to server is effortless on CodeIgniter.

CodeIgniter Features:

  • Session Management
  • Security and XSS Filtering
  • FTP Class and File Uploading Class
  • Localization
  • Data Encryption
  • Pagination
  • Full Page Caching
  • Bench-marking
  • Error Logging
  • Application Profiling
  • User Agent Class, Calendaring Class, and Zip Encoding Class
  • Trackback Class, Template Engine Class, and Unit Testing Class
  • Search Engine Friendly URLs
  • XML-RPC Library and Large library of “helper” functions
  • Flexible URI Routing
  • Support for Hooks and Class Extensions

The key advantage of Using CodeIgniter PHP Framework Development

  • It is reliable and lightweight.
  • It provides an easy method to use Modular Programs for specific performance through PHP Developer and Framework.
  • It is agreeable with almost all platforms, operating systems and web servers.
  • Build Libraries and Resources CodeIgniter Help PHP Developer to Create a web application with high utility functions and additional features.
  • This system helps to create a web service in a perfect and safe manner.
  • With the help of developer coordinator, you can create the background and front-end effect of the application efficiently.
  • It provides no disturbing transfers from server to server and simple customization and configuration of files.
  • The CodeIgniter PHP application helps to decrease the required amount of coding, and allow you to focus mainly on the project.

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  • I really appreciated your post and i strongly agree that Codeigniter would be reliable for the beginners who are thinking about to start working in Php. Thank you for sharing this article.

  • Nice piece of information. Use CodeIgniter if you are new to frameworks. It’s very simple to implement and use and will also get you a clear idea regarding MVC.

  • Nice article. The Main benefit of CodeIgniter Framework Development is that you use the desired ease and can approach every work through a simple way.

  • It’s a really well organized framework, very simple to use, with a huge community, extremely fast and gives a lot of freedom to the developers. I really like it. I have worked with Yii, Zend (and with Java frameworks as well) and I haven’t felt something as simple and well structured like this.

  • Simply Great blog. You explain very simply that help us lot. Actually I am a newbie as CodeIgniter developer so it’s really helping me.

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