Best Voice Search Optimization Strategies in 2020

Here are the best voice search optimization strategies for an effective online search.

Voice search optimization strategies are very much effective in getting online search results. Voice Search usage is increasing day by day. According to many statistical studies conducted by many leading research institutes.

These voice searches expect to hit 55% of the search results through Voice Search on Google.


Best Voice Search Optimization Strategies in 2020

Optimize and manage your Business listings

Always optimize and manage accurate business listings on Google. You should optimize your Google business listing accurate, clean, and fresh.

If business listings are not optimized it will be a major loss. Since every year around $15.5 million is dip due to inaccurate business listings online. It is very essential to provide valuable information to your users.

So make sure you provide proper and accurate information. Such as name, address, and phone number to all your loyal users.

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Ensure the site is speedy

Speed up your websites, it is a must for every web developer to develop reliable and speedy websites. and flexible websites.
Websites must be flexible with the appropriate resolution based on different device usage.  You can carry voice searches on different devices. Such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Mobile voice search users need results on-the-go. Hence, Google has released mobile-first indexing updates.

To ensure the best website speed, use accelerates mobile page on your website. Using AMP you can see your website speed goes down even to 1 second. It provides better user experience and also boosts your website speed.

Fresh content strategy: focus on questions

Focus on questions to create awareness among your user segment. Voice search segment users are brilliant they don’t use keywords. So to make them feel free to ask descriptive questions during voice search.

About 40% of the voice search users are asking questions to Google assistant lie to their best friend.


It is the duty of marketers to ensure all possible keywords and phrases used in your site. And also focus on more natural questions your audience segments looking for.

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Refined Content Strategies

Contents of your page must be self-sufficient and it must be best refined. So if you’re using featured snippet on your page then you must ensure that you optimize for voice search.

Since 45 % of the voice search answers always come from featured snippets.

Below are the best content strategies:

  • Create an effective FAQ’s Page on your site and provide answers to drive essential traffic to your site. It also leads to the best and effective reviews and rankings.
  • Content  must  always be  effective and fresh, keep it updated
  • Use markup languages<H2> header tags, to high-lightened and marked up questions.
  • Use Google by Business: Answer questions on your Google listing
  • Create and develop compelling questions


Testing is one of the essential stages that one must conduct before any launch. You must always test the voice search features and functionality by yourself. Because it always needs to be best since voice search optimization strategies are still new.

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  • Test with various devices such as desktop, mobile phones, laptops, notepads, etc.,
  • Check the results generated.
  • Ensure which listing you offer on which device.
  • Competitive analysis of your ranking and your competitor’s ranking.


Voice search is already popular, and it’s expected to grow soon.
Put in place voice search optimization in your SEO plans. Now to see significant improvement in your content visibility. After all, voice search only shows the pages at the very top.
People already use voice search — and its popularity will only grow in the coming years.
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