Crafting A Sophisticated Digital Resume

The average job attracts 250 resumes, the majority of which are discarded for lack of relevant work experience or, in many cases, a poorly formatted resume. For professionals in e-commerce and digital marketing, it’s important to build a sophisticated digital resume that speaks to your strengths in the industry. Ultimately, your digital resume is an opportunity to showcase your layout and design skills: use it wisely to secure gainful employment.

Hacks for the Digital Resume

The first pointer for digital resumes is to keep your document in a .pdf attachment to preserve your intended formatting. When building your resume, ensure that it’s geared towards your industry, as specific formatting practices vary between different hiring processes. For careers in digital marketing, online resumes are prime opportunity to pepper your document with hyperlinks relevant to your work experience. For instance, if you partook in an online marketing project you want to showcase to potential employers, hyperlink the website in the body of your resume to catch their attention.

Visual Infographics and Customization Strategies  

Digital resumes often contain innovative features within the document, such as the inclusion of visual infographics and flowcharts. Professionals proficient in Flowgorithm or InDesign can build illustrative charts into their resume, which is useful if you want to highlight particular data associated with your portfolio.  Digital resumes also allow professionals to create their own “brand” image through stylistic decisions and formatting. To build a unified portfolio within your application, use similar fonts or formatting in your resume and cover letter (especially in the header section).

Keywords To Beat ATS Algorithms

In recent years, many HR firms are turning to Applicant Tracking Programs (ATS) to sift through large numbers of applications. ATS relies on strategic keywords associated with a given company or position to field out cover letters and resumes that do not match the company’s codified job description. To ensure that your application reaches the desks of an HR team, pepper each resume you send for a specific position with keywords relevant to the job (usually, the description listed on the job vacancy or the company’s website are good sources for potential keywords).

In most cases, the digital resume is the first impression employers and HR firms will receive of you before moving on to the next stage in the hiring process. It’s important to use the opportunity to showcase your professional skills in a globalized, competitive market.

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