How to develop an Ecommerce Marketplace like Alibaba, Amazon, eBay?

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Ecommerce Marketplace Development

Building an ecommerce website like Alibaba, Amazon is very well achievable when you have got the best ecommerce website developers on your side. If you are thinking of starting an online store and looking for ideas for the best ecommerce platform to use, this article will shed some light on this.

eCommerce websites have been hugely successful, owing to the one idea they brought into the market – take your products to the customer, rather than the other way around. Shopping sites like Alibaba, Amazon, eBay were the first to implement the idea of e-commerce sites and their success drew a herd of start-ups to follow suit.

Considering the fact that you can buy or sell any kind of product or service through your e-commerce site; and that you can depend on factors like digital marketing to popularize your e-commerce site, investing your hard earned cash to start an e-commerce site is a great idea to generate a steady flow of revenue.

Below is a complete guide on how to build an Ecommerce website like Alibaba, Amazon or eBay, while preserving its customer-centric nature.

Ecommerce Websites Growing in Popularity

Back in 2012, a European Union survey data revealed that, out of the 820 million people who live in Europe, 250 million are e-shoppers and that ecommerce websites like Alibaba, Amazon contributes 3.5% of total internet economy to the GDP of EU.

5 years after, the figures have peaked due to the growing influence of mobile and social media marketing. With a steadily increasing number of buyers, the Asia-Pacific region tops at 654 million e-commerce buyers in 2017 and looks like the best market to start your e-commerce site.

So, it would be a much better plan to focus on these products when you start an ecommerce website like Alibaba, Amazon. This will help you to reach a break-even point faster.

Implementing Your eCommerce Website

It’s crucial to follow a process while implementing your ecommerce website, as it gives you room to regress and improve.

Choosing the right platform for your e-commerce website is one of the first things you would have to do. You can choose any of the ecommerce platforms like PrestaShopMagento, etc that helps to build your Ecommerce website. when you are planning to develop an advanced shopping website like Alibaba, Amazon.

Have a team of ecommerce website designers, developers, and testers ready at your disposal to develop the website and materialize your ideas into effective web-based applications.

Host and test your ecommerce website once it’s ready. Testing helps you sort out any bugs and improve the performance of your website.

Once your ecommerce website is ready to roll, launch your website to a target audience. Make use of direct and/or influential marketing at this stage.

Building Profitable E-Commerce Business Website

To run a smooth and profitable ecommerce business website, an effective infrastructure must be in place from the inception of the site. Also, important features of store design attract more customers while keeping the existing customers happy with your service.

User Interface: Having an interactive and user-friendly website is important so that your customer can easily find the product they’re looking for. While it will definitely help in bringing traffic to your ecommerce website, the user interface also plays a major part if you plan to expand to mobile platforms in the near future.

Support: A quick and dedicated CRM team will prove to be of advantage while addressing the queries and concerns of customers. Whether it’s a matter of late delivery or a faulty product, a prompt and assuring response should be made to the customer.

Security: A customer would need to share their personal information like bank account details for payment procedures; and not only do you have to establish a secure website, you also need to ensure the clients to feel secure as it helps in building trust and confidence. Secure payments method is a key factor when building a shopping site like Alibaba, Amazon.

Logistics: Logistics is an important pillar of operations in an e-commerce website. Choose operators with a good track record and extraordinary last-mile delivery.

Product Data: The products on your website must have enough product data. This includes adequate product descriptions and specifications in the need of text, images and if the products demand, then a demo video. If sellers fail to provide enough data for their product, it’s still your responsibility to furnish enough information about the product on your website.


These are some of these aspects that you need to follow while building an Ecommerce website. For more information about Ecommerce website development, contact Webnexs.


  • E Commerce business have a important growth in future. So, making a eCommerce website is not a easy task. But this post has a vast information about how to make a eCommerce website with a perfect marketplace.

  • I’m having a retail shop in UAE and recently I’m trying to move into Ecommerce market. Since i’m new to this industry I have been doing a lot of research about creating an ecommerce marketplace website. I find this blog very useful. Can you help further in developing my own ecommerce website. Thanks in advance

  • This post shows me a complete breakdown about how to make a eCommerce website. Well a ready-made eCommerce script is the wise choice to make a online store successfully.

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