6 Best Future Technology in Web and Framework Trends for 2019

In recent years, the web has become part and parcel of everyday activities. we lean to do every transaction online like shopping, online banking, purchasing online, reading the daily news, and social media activities etc., Day to day website usage is growing plentifully due to this high usage of websites, the demand for web development is at high glimpse now. Here are the abundant different New technology and additions that we expect this year for the best web development.

  1. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is a part and parcel of web development, web developers can never able to oversight the topic of Artificial intelligence when they are developing web pages, it has more of advanced growth and research in the AI field in recent years. Most of the largest corporations such as Microsoft, Google and Facebook are releasing artificial intelligence program to the users for a excellent experience. Google developed its first program called AlphaGo with artificial intelligence. It is been used in Google, Wikipedia  and many others for various purposes like the improvisation of search results, identification of articles that have been damaged or not precise.

  1. Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is expected to be most involved in API’s of very large companies like Mozilla and Google. These organizations are now been working with the advancement of API’s with augmented reality; this pattern would take up best positioning soon by delivering incredible interest. This is already a trend that takes over the gaming world and it is expected to extent to other industries as well. It is expected to see in many more industries and applications as well as specifically VR in news coverage and real estate tours in near future.

  1. Internet Of Things

Internet of Things is one of Astounding New technology, which can communicate with non-internet connected things, it is involved in the connection of non-internet connected things to send and receive information. This thing can be kettles, toasters, blenders, and sensors in Concrete to identify cracks. This new technology is very much useful in developing applications for operations. It helps to aggravate database and display data collected from these devices and analyze the collected data. There are already number of companies working on API’s for developing an application with this technology to communicate with the non-internet connected devices.

  1. Angular 2

Angular 2 was released in the year 2016, this release of Angular 2 lead to the advance such as the redesign of Google’s frontend JavaScript framework. It also accompanied with tons of changes. Web developers also expected to be flexible enough to shape the changes from this broadly used framework. Every six months it releases three minor updates and major updates as per their statement of scheduled releases.

  1. Yarn package Manager

Package managers play a important role in app development and also for fronted JavaScript communities. These tools are strangely popular these days, it helps in the various process of installation, updates, and configuration when you dealing with app development. Bower and NPM are the most famous package manager among the others in JavaScript. Presently, Facebook has developed a new package manager with Google, this is the expected trend to be continued in the future. This yarn package is developed to overwhelm the issues that Facebook had been facing these days with other packages such as NPM etc .., The varied problems with  NPM package would be security issues, consistency, and performance.

  1. Static Site Generators

Static Site Generator helps to develop a website from the scratch (i.e) from Plaintext. The plaintext is stored in multiple files of the database.  It contains more benefits such as speed, security and deployment ease, etc., The Problem with static site generators are those which do not have future supportive contents for positive ratings such as comments and reviews, these positive ratings are very much vital in these days. Since it does not have any supportive ratings static site generators might not have much wanted in the future.

Upcoming web development trends …!!!!!

Web development has an attractive trend in the future, certainly plays a important role beyond expectations. Every professional in the development field must keep their eyes open and be malleable to adapt to the changes. Since it plays a important role in your professional life.

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