Webnexs is a solution based company presenting a customizable OTT Solution that helps broadcasters, distributors, and content owners to build their own audio/video streaming platform.

We provide different monetization models, a great player where most of your viewers hang on to watch movies most of their time, marketing & analytics features. Also stay omnipresent across multiple platforms & devices (Web, Android, iOS, Firestick, Roku, Android Tv, Samsung Tv, LG Tv, Apple Tv).


Currently, we are one of the Top 3 VOD Platform Developers on the Planet and we can ensure to provide the information that your niche would require.

Our Expertise sans across Education, Finance, Consulting, Entertainment, Cultural, Science niches etc.

Start afresh with your own-branded Website & Apps. Educate, Entertain, and Inspire your audience with seamless Video and Audio Delivery with an End-to-end white-labeled video platform packed with everything you need to monetize, distribute and scale your streaming business.


  • Better look & feel of your website front
  • Distribute beyond the web with OTT apps
  • Monetize your content any way you choose
  • Stream live to any device
  • Adaptive bit rate to play in any mobile network speed
  • Comprehensive Admin panel
  • Easy Drag & Drop Video Uploader
  • SEO friendly dashboards
  • Track subscriber growth and churn
  • Own your audience
  • Real-time reporting & Analytics, including Engagement, Geolocation
  • Integration Wildcard SSL and Digital Rights Management for security

“You focus on quality videos, we do everything else.”

Most Importantly, this is all coming with a one-time payment with no hassles of subscriptions.

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