Global Taxi industry has changed drastically in last decade, from unorganized taxi service to app based taxi service being used in our daily life. Now a day’s taxi service provides many benefits to the passengers such as economy, safety, real time information, comfort etc., The e-hailing service are increased tremendously with the user friendly features incorporated in it.
To book e-hailing car, motorcycle etc., the passenger has to pick location by manually or the location picked up automatically by GPS connectivity. GPS(Global Positioning System) playing major role in the taxi market and no doubt it is the most appropriate and much needed invention in the 21st century, it makes use of 32 solar-powered satellites and their ground stations to transmit the information to the GPS enabled devices such as a car, motorcycle etc.,

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GPS Tracking:

The main purpose of the GPS system in the e-hailing is to identify the location of vehicle in the real time. The GPS satellite system uses the “Global navigation satellite system network” to send microwave signal to the receiver and use these signal to calculate the accurate location from four of the GPS satellites. Eventually, one’s location is identified by system, triangulates the exact position on the nearest distance.

The GPS works in the simple mathematical principle known as Trilateration. The GPS receiver utilize the four satellite accurate position and distance to estimate the four values,
1) Earth Latitude
2) Earth Longitude
3) Elevation
4) Time

How GPS tracking works in e – hailing ?

The GPS tracking process works in same procedure but rather than displaying the information in the own device, the device will calculate its location using microprocessor and transmit the data over the internet GSM cellular network. Finally, all this data are displayed  to the end user in their desktop or mobile devices.

How GPS tracking benefited to e – hailing customers ?

The e- hailing customers are  using the app to track the current location by using GPS within the application, and in one touch the app show the customers exact location without typing the current location address. The trip information will be visible to both driver and customer, in case of emergency, if customer presses the panic button the information will be shared to the registered mobile number of the family members and customer agent.

Integrating GPS tracking systems in every vehicle lead to complete control on the driver, thereby making the driver not to go invisible during his working hours which increases usage of the application by the customer at its peak in allowing them to check on the  driver’s availability at all time.


GPS is an incredible invention in 21st century to identify the object(vehicle) in high precision location. Customers and drivers are benefited  by using GPS tracking system in the cabs and motorcycles for hassle free journey and safety.

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