Headless Ecommerce Development Key Takeaways For 2022 (2)

Headless Ecommerce Development: Key Takeaways For 2022

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Why you should consider Headless CMS development for your upcoming eCommerce project? here are some future-proof facts about eCommerce and the retail realm. Let’s start!!!

The online retail market and the world of e-commerce have shown dramatic growth over the past few years and I’m sure it will grow even more in the future. We prove my thesis with the following facts:

  • China accounts for about 80% of online commerce in Asia Pacific.
  • Nearly 20% of all direct sales in China are done online, and by the end of the decade it will be almost 25%.
  • About one-fifth of all direct sales in Asia Pacific will reach online status by the end of 2022.
  • Another fact is that e-commerce web development grew as the first online marketplace to reach $1 trillion in internet marketing and retail by the end of the decade.
  • The e-commerce industry is growing at a CAGR of nearly 16 percent and is expected to reach $1 trillion by the end of the decade, up from $539 billion today.

These facts are very good and due to the growing popularity of the e-commerce world today, small and medium-sized businesses want to create an e-commerce website with Headless solution for their business to maximize their profits by selling products online.

But did you know that for a successful headless CMS ecommerce development and implementation, you need to follow some basic tips to reap the full benefits and increase your profits?

I’ve compiled this list of tips, so you can apply them when developing a headless ecommerce website from headless APIs for your business. Let’s check one by one.

Headless CMS Ecommerce Development: Tips To Deploy In 2022

Headless CMS ecommerce development

Headless development tip #1: The search bar should be useful

Your search bar can be accessed quickly while you are designing your headless ecommerce website with the best development company Magento. You may not realize how often you use the search button while on a headless ecommerce site, but it is the only area that people practice to achieve what they strive for.

We think the search bar should not be on the home page only, but on the inner page. This allows the search bar to expand and be interesting.

The most prominent model is Amazon.com, which stands out and is easily accessible. Users can easily access this search bar with minimal effort.

In this way, the search bar helps customers stay on the site for whatever they need instead of going back to the search engine for other results.

Headless development tip #2: Notify customers of out-of-stock items

Consumer hoarding notifications can be a valuable mechanism for attracting more customers. It is desirable that the shares remain on the site and not be deleted. Keep unavailable photos shaded and add a “notify me” button if available.

Also, it is important not to exclude items that are not available from this list. If a product without availability is not discussed, you will obviously reject the customer’s order requesting that availability.

Headless development tip #3: SEO and relevant content using CMS

You can only attract a few buyers through paid techniques if your website is not optimized for SEO, but these methods won’t control you well if your income level is low. Therefore, you need to focus on relevant and valuable content, which is an important factor; You have to focus on that.

Headless development tip #4: Easy navigation with better CMS integration

The navigation on your website should be understandable and ingenious. Consumers can easily extract products from whatever they think of. Along with this, it is good practice to add enough filters to your headless ecommerce to ensure customer convenience.

In addition, page navigation allows users to know that they are going where they want to go. You can add a super menu to clear up confusion. Using breadcrumbs can also be a good option for easier navigation.

Headless development tip #5: Add a newsletter

It is very important that you grow your email list of subscribers so that you can generate leads. Adding an email newsletter can be a good practice. Also, consider some suggestions to encourage users to subscribe to the newsletter.


So, as explained above, headless ecommerce website development services are not just about creating an aesthetically pleasing online store. It’s certainly great for inviting people, but the most important part a headless ecommerce site succeeds in is how nimbly users come from the main place to place an order.

So, a stable headless ecommerce website design is related to using real visitors as practical users.

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