Headless Ecommerce Technology The Face Of Online Retail (2)

Headless Commerce Technology: The Face Of Online Retail

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So let’s talk about headless commerce technology and how it’s different from traditional technology. There’s been a lot of confusion recently around what “headless” is. So here we try to explain what headless CMS is and why one should consider it. 

Let’s get started. 

We all know that multiple heads coupled together are way more efficient and productive than just one, so this is pretty much what headless technology is all about, but probably the name headless does not support this claim. But let’s wait till we hear more about it.

Headless Commerce Technology is the new way for online business

Headless technology is a new type of content management system that is slowly dominating the market. We’ve seen it replace traditional technology such as WordPress and many others. 

It’s more referred to as “software as a service” than in the SaaS model, with the content separated from its output. Hence, it would be a website or a mobile app in this case. The point of headless technology is not that you don’t need it. But actually, you can have multiple heads and change them as and when you would like to without re-authoring the content. In essence, the head is the output, and the body is where the content is stored and authored.

Headless commerce technology for online retail business

So let’s see how it functions compared to the traditional CMS; headless is back. And only a content management system that acts as a content repository means that you will upload your content once. Obviously, in headless technology, however, using headless APIs, you will be able to deliver that content on multiple channels. It could be numerous websites, social networks, mobile apps, etc.

Because content is not tied to the presentation layer, in this case, you can build your websites and applications in whatever technologies you want. On the other hand, the traditional platform is in charge of the overall process.

So let’s say your Webnexs headless technology is what you’ll use to create content management workflows and publish content on your pages. In this case, content is tied to a single output. 

Unfortunately, it is not reusable; the point of headless commerce technology is the flexibility of choosing heads or technologies that will output your content. Authors still have an interface and a database to store their content. However, there is no web app or page. It’s just raw content coming out of your headless technology in reality. You may want to choose to have some content for voice assistance, e-commerce systems, or maybe mobile apps.

So, the whole idea of a headless solution is for you to have as many heads or technologies as you would like to implement. This approach is tailored so that it supports any and all upcoming technologies. To sum up, here are:

Advantages of Headless commerce approach

Some advantages of the headless commerce approach are:

  • All the content is in one place.
  • Ready for omnichannel output.
  • Reusable content. 
  • Authorize your content just once. 
  • Much faster than the traditional platform.
  • Very secure compared to other eCommerce technologies.
  • Connectivity to a wide range of systems is possible.

But now the question is, should you adopt headlessly or stick with traditional technology? As an eCommerce solution provider, we feel that going headless is the right way to go. 

It’s much easier to manage content way more efficiently, and it’s more secure than any traditional technology. Companies or brands that spend a lot of time publishing their content and working on it should definitely consider a headless solution.


Furthermore, digital content is stored in one place, and you have more control over the platform. That’s all about headless technology, and we hope we have put together a quick intro about the headless technology platform. 

Hopefully, after this blog, you will have a better idea of what headless means and how you could potentially benefit from headless commerce.

If you’ve still got some questions or uncertainties, please send us a message.

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