Headless Ecommerce CMS: Things To Know In 2022

Many eCommerce industry experts consider the “Headless eCommerce CMS platform as the future of Ecommerce Marketplace solutions” and the new must-to-have technology for this segment. Let’s have a deep insight into the Headless eCommerce solution and its importance in this blog.

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What is a Headless ecommerce CMS?

In simple, Headless eCommerce refers to an eCommerce platform’s backend without a storefront attached. This technology separates the eCommerce store’s front-end from the platform and other related systems.

Headless ecommerce CMS

By separating the ‘presentation layer’ of the store (the front-end) from the commerce layer of the store (the back end), the online store owner will be able to gain control over the storefront. In turn, it helps to attain the maximum potential flexibility in serving content and user experience.

Thus, customizing the storefront is now a lot easier than it, no longer relying heavily on the backend through codes. This approach suits different types of retailers in different ways – with content-focused and heavily brand-focused websites being the obvious use case.

What actually makes the Headless eCommerce platform?

The prime elements of the headless system include:

  • Storage database 
  • RESTful API
  • Content management components
  • Content publishing frontend

To whom it is more suitable?

Adopting technology like Headless eCommerce completely depends on your goals and requirements for your project. But we’ve tried to list out to whom it is actually suitable for.

  • Large companies with complex or unique business rules and ordering processes
  • Companies with multiple systems that need to integrate with eCommerce
  • Businesses that already have an advanced CMS
  • Organizations with a lot of constantly changing content
  • Companies experiencing rapid growth
  • Large companies with many companies, brands, or divisions in their portfolio

Examples of Headless CMS

  • WordPress REST API
  • Drupal
  • Magento 2 
  • WooCommerce
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Benefits of Headless Commerce

Omnichannel management

Omnichannel management should be the important benefit of the Headless eCommerce solution. Because it enables to take up the contents to any channels without the need to manage or align any separate platform. 

Also, it allows the users to deliver product listings, promotions, blog posts and review-like content, and much more. All this can be done without having to manage multiple databases and CRM backends. 

Design flexibility

Like other eCommerce solutions i.e. Magento eCommerce solutions, Headless eCommerce also offers high flexibility to the developers to carry the development process even more seamlessly. Here in this technology, the back and front end is decoupled, so this particular enables you to design your storefront as you wish.

Power over the customer journey

The designers will have full control over the frontend designs, as they don’t want to rely on the backend considerations. Thus, website design customization in headless eCommerce is now an easy and simple task to do.

Fast updates

Updating an eCommerce is no more a difficult process. Due to its modern approach, a headless eCommerce solution allows making an update in just the time, whereas the traditional eCommerce update may take a lot more time to get completed.

Effective optimization

Headless eCommerce eases the way to run the tests and implementing the results into both frontend and backend. It also enables you to collect of all your platform-related testing infrastructure across the various channels.

What’s more, optimization tests tend to be specific to either frontend or backend processes, such as a new page design or CTA (frontend), or new shipping pricing (backend). 

Lots of integrations

It is possible to integrate multiple applications with headless commerce. As it works well with the system of APIs, it is now easy to connect with all third-party tools.

Enhanced security

Finally, one of the greatest benefits of headless ecommerce is enhanced security. There are a few inherent qualities of headless architecture that make it a much more great defender to cyber threats than coupled software.

Having a uniform data structure instead of a gigantic multi-headed monolithic makes a headless eCommerce CMS platform much easier to monitor and control, which decreases the risk of a critical failure.

What’s more, APIs used to provide content to a headless CMS come mostly in the read-only mode, which further reduces the risk of cyberattacks.

How does Headless eCommerce Solution impact your customers?

1. Instantaneous changes and optimization

As soon as any business owner who implemented Headless eCommerce into their business introduces new content to its front end, those updates are reflected almost instantly.

2. Rich user experiences and interfaces

Due to their universal compatibility, these sites work seamlessly and as intended between all devices and viewing formats. As they are finally able to control all the elements users interact with more easily, brands can get more creative with the content they publish on their websites to provide experimental design. 

This results in high responsiveness and rich UX to the customers on different devices.

How to get started with Headless eCommerce Marketplace?

Now it is high time to build a Headless eCommerce solution. To have a giant leap and break the business competence, you may want to choose headless eCommerce CMS development to move forward. 

Also, contact our eCommerce experts for additional information regarding the development process and methodology.

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