How to start a VOD website like Netflix?

Looking to build an OTT platform?

People have embraced video on demand, and billions of people now watch online shows or movies on video on demand platforms.
Netflix, a video-on-demand business, has been flourishing and generating a lot of money. Knowing how to create a solid content site and advertise it can also assist newcomers or those trying to construct a video-on-demand website like Netflix in monetizing their efforts.

What should you look for in a video-on-demand website like Netflix before creating your own?

There are a few foundations to look for when starting a website like Netflix to construct your video.

Approximately 500 million people watched movies online last year and at the same time, 1.5 billion users streamed content over the VOD network. Video streaming has now become part of the lifestyle like other household items. Thanks to giants like Netflix, Hotstar, Twitch, and others in the VOD industry who are the leaders of this new business model of developing their platform for streaming video on demand.

Netflix has an annual profit of about $558.9 million, and its net worth has grown from $1.4 billion to an estimated 3.7 billion. Twitch is worth about $1 million and YouTube is valued from $26 billion to $40 billion. So, how about building your own video streaming sites like Netflix, Hotstar, and YouTube? Focus on the following 6 fundamentals 

6 Fundamentals to Start a video-on-demand Website like Netflix


The main strategy for expanding the fan base is cross-platform video distribution through multiple devices & operating systems. This is what made the availability of Netflix to a billion users. Although there is plenty of video-on-demand service providers, the accessibility of content from any device and platform creates a difference.

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Original programs, award-winning series/movies, and reality tv encourage users to subscribe to Netflix membership. Netflix allows, apart from third-party distributors, to create a House of Cards and some in-house shows that you can not find on any other video-on-demand site. This native content provides Netflix growth more credibility.


While Advertising is another way for Netflix to generate revenue. A full Ad-free feature allows consumers to access content without any interruption for a  premium subscription. Netflix thus creates a great deal of revenue with these perfect business models. Returning to the scenario of building a website like Netflix for video streaming is no longer impractical.


It’s more important how you interact and entertain the users in your niche. The creation of content based on the target audience is, in fact, also an important component of your video streaming business.


Considering that scalability is one of the key factors in VOD, you must choose whether you host on-site or on-cloud. Your valuable content requires security which on-cloud hosting provides.


It is good to leave the heavy lifting to an ideal VOD solution provider, but selecting one will decide your success. Most video solution providers offer a different set of functionalities and features for video-on-demand services that may or may not adapt to your business model. But at Webnexs, video-on-demand providers, we give the solution that you require.

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Frequently Asked Question

How to start a VOD streaming service like Netflix?

If you have an idea to develop your video business like Netflix, then you have to start with market research & continue with the general start of your video business

How much does it cost to build VOD Website?

It depends on the feature you choose, business size, customization it needs, and much more

How Does the VOD website make money?

If you are planning video streaming like Netflix, the Video monetization model(AVOD, SVOD, TVOD) helps to make money.
SVOD is the best way of making money for VOD websites like Netflix

What are the features should have in a Video streaming platform?

Main features that are suggested to video streaming platforms include video content, Social media sharing options, HLS streaming player, Monetization models, CDNs, White labeling solution, Platform, and much more.

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What is Netflix’s business model, and how much money does it make?