How would you define“TVOD” platforms?

“Make your on-demand business a greater revenue path generating vehicle for streaming videos by adopting TVOD services”.

Transactional video-on-demand(TVOD) is a model where viewers can buy or rent content. It involves getting content on a specific price point, especially for premium releases.

It can either

  1. Rent: Viewers can rent or own the content for a specific period of time.
  2. Buy: Viewers can buy or purchase the content and watch it anywhere and anytime.

Our TVOD platforms offer different genres of video content to global people and collect payments through digital transactions.

TVOD Monetization model:

TVOD  is a Transactional Video-On-Demand where viewers can buy or rent content on a variety of offer levels. It is similar to television broadcasting for paying a particular fee to set-top box providers.

Benefits of “TVOD” platforms:

  • Viewers can only pay for particular content in regard to their preferences.
  • It delivers cash for valued services & matching customer satisfaction.
  • TVOD propels-in adequate revenue within a short period of time.

Strategies for “TVOD” services:

TVOD services are key to make a clear plan for grabbing more people’s attention in publishing new ways of content. Based on video content (i.e movies, shows, sports, astrology, price points can be changed. It encourages people to show interest in particular content and gets regular updates. It maintains a unique way so as to facilitate viewers to overcome their television rivals.

Key function for “TVOD” services: 

  1. An easy way of getting revenue opportunities.
  2. Encourage companies to commence in this field.
  3. No regulations from governments so far.
  4. Accurate charges collected based on contents.
  5. Creative and innovative contents are available.


To form a new on-demand solution, TVOD is one best way of generating a higher revenue share.  Modern technology is getting updated more and so these platforms paved way for another level of experience to users to watch content on their move.

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