How to fix RSS feeds in Magento 2

Can you ever bookmark a blog if you like it, but forget to check your bookmarks, or are it too complicated when trying to keep track of multiple websites at once? I know everybody knows the answer, and I think your customer will feel too. So, what if you update your site each time you update your site? In a sense, this is what RSS feeds you do. RSS Feeds use millions of Internet users around the world to monitor their favorite websites. Here I will discuss you how to set up RSS feeds on your Magento 2 site.

RSS Feeds in Magento 2

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a database based data format that is used to distribute information online. Your customers can subscribe to your RSS feeds to learn about new products and ads. You can also use your product information to publish shopping sync sites, and may be included in newsletters.

Software that reads an RSS feed is called a Feed Reader, and allows users to subscribe to topics, blogs, podcasts and more. Google Reader is one of several feed readers available online for free.

How it works?

When RSS feeds are permitted, any additions to products, specials, types, and coupons will automatically be sent to subscribers of each feed. The links to all RSS feeds you release are in the footer of your shop.

How to fix RSS feeds in Magento 2?

First, go to Admin area and navigate to Store> Configuration. Then enlarge the table tab and choose the RSS feeds.

Then you need to permits the Types of RSS Feeds for the following

Enable RSS:

When enabled, the RSS feed link will display on the customer’s preferred listing pages. Additionally, on the wish list partitioning page, you have a box that adds a link to the link from the desired sharing lists.

New Product:

Releases a notification of new products added to the table

Special Product:

Releases notification of any products with special pricing


Releases notification of any special coupons or discounts that are presented in the store

Top level category:

Any changes to the higher category are releases your list structure is reflected in the main menu.

Customer order status:

Customers are able to keep track of their order by RSS Feed. When enabled, the RSS feed appears in the feed line

When you validate the RSS feeds you desire to apply to your site, tap Config Save. The above mentioned is about RSS Feeds in Magento 2. Hope that it will help you. If you have any concern, feel free to comment below, I will reply soon.

Last Update: November 7, 2019  

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