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Protecting video platforms from third party attacks has become a big task today. Video piracy in today’s world is becoming bigger and bigger day by day. With Flicknexs you can enable restrictions on video players that give you full control over the video content and give protection against piracy. Restricting the video content based on geographical location is known as Geo-Blocking.

Setting up Geo-Blocking allows video creators to restrict access to their video content for users from particular locations. This is mainly due to copyright issues and licensing agreements in particular countries.


When it comes to Geoblocking in Flicknexs platform, the Default setting is to give access to all countries. However, you can add countries to this list to deny access to users from that particular location 

By default we are on Flicknexs Home page,  click on the top right corner of the home page menu ->Admin section
In the Menu section, Select Languages->Manage Countries Option

By clicking on Manage countries option, you will see a list of countries in the blocked list. If you want to block other countries to deny access to the users from that country. For example, let’s take Pakistan. Click on Add New Button on the top right of the page.


Small Pop Up Window appears on the screen, Now click on drop-down arrow to choose the country you want to block, in this case, Pakistan

you can choose the country that you want to block from the countries list

After selecting the country, Click on Save Changes Button.

Selected country will be added to the blocked list, If suppose  you want to remove countries from this blocked list and then click on delete button to remove it from the blocked list so that users from that country will be given permission to access video content 

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