How to install Magento 2 on ubuntu server

Hi friends. Today, I will explain you how to install Magento 2 on ubuntu server, before installing Magento 2 on ubuntu server, you should practice:

  1. Magento installation
  2. Filezilla(to upload the sourcecode)
  3. Putty (to connect to the ssh console)

Step 1: Upload the source code to the server by using filezilla

  • Open FTP information to connect to filezilla and server. Upload the .zip file to the directory you wish to make the uploading file more quickly.
  • In this tutorial, I will upload / home / eden / public_html / magento2 (since my domain point for this folder).

  • Sign in to SSH console using Putty or git bash. You can use the username or password or private key to sign up for SSH (which depends on your server).
  • Then use the Magento 2 directory “cd” command line and use the unzip command to extract the Magento 2 ZIP file
  • After using the Unzip command, you will receive Magento 2.1.2 files and folders

Step 2: Build a database for  Magento 2

  • Sign in to my my sql server:

mysql -u root -p

  • MySQL asks you the password. After entering the password, you can go to the command line:

Screenshot_126.png (605×340)

  • Use the build command line to build the database. Example : magento2


Step 3: Open the browser and enter your website domain:

  • Tap Agree and Setup Magento

  • Tap Next

  • Tap Next again.

  • Fill the Username, Password, Database name and tap next

install Magento 2 on Ubuntu server

  • Modify the admin address and next again.

install Magento 2 on Ubuntu server

  • Next again.

install Magento 2 on Ubuntu server

  • Enter the admin, password and next.

install Magento 2 on Ubuntu server

  • Tap install now. Wait the success message:


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