How to manage Statuses in order management in prestashop

Status Managements in prestashop

Now, we are going to see about how does status management is used in prestashop.


When you have different order or return statuses, it allows you to control simply over  your orders and returns, and maintain your customers knowledgeable about the development of their purchase.

In the “statuses” page, below the “Orders” menu, a variety of available statuses are clear and editable.

The given image shows the page which displays a list of the at present registered order statuses, along with the following things:

  • First about their distinctive colors: The colors that is shown in the “statuses page” that will help out rapidly to decide, whether the order has any issues or it’s proceeding well.
  • Next is their icons.
  • About their attach towards three prestashop behaviors and extra are offered, they are:
  1. Whether the customer gets the e-mail, while the order finds this status?
  2. Check the level of delivery status, that it is the correct status or not?
  3. Do this status shown in image that let the customer to outlook and download the PDF version of the order’s invoice?
  • Next is about the name of their E-mail template: In the “Translations” page below the “Localization Menu”, you can alter these templates and language by language. Select “E-mail template translations” in the drop down menu, which is in the “Modify translations” section of that page and if you want to edit these templates then click on the language code of the language.
  • At last about their action icons: You can edit and delete as per your wish.

The next image will show the return status that list features with only few information, because those statuses are just labels that won’t create any impact on the order.

Creating a new order status:

Now, you can create a new order status with the “Add New” button at the top. Then, the creation form will get opens.

Now, fill up the form:

  1. Status Name: Status name should be kept as very tiny and unique one.
  2. Icon: Any 16*16 icon can be used, for example, the brilliant and complimentary FamFamFam silk icon set.
  3. Color: For any circumstances you have to attempt that whether the status color match the existing color. The non-remittance handling colors are:
  • Red/Orange – Indicates Canceled or Refunded Orders.
  • Crimson Red – Indicates Payment Error.
  • Blue – Indicates the orders the still Pending Payment.
  • Light Green – Indicates Paid Orders.
  • Dark Green – Indicates Delivered Orders.
  • Purple – Indicates Shipped Orders.
  • Pink – Indicates Backordered Orders.

Options are given below:

  • Consider the associated order as validated.
  • Allow a customer to download and view PDF versions of their Invoice.
  • Hide this state in all customer orders.
  • Send an e-mail to customer when their order status has changed.
  • Set the order as shipped.
  • Set the order as Paid.
  • Show delivery PDF.
  1. Firstly, Consider about the associated order as validated: when it is enabled, the status will marks all related orders as “paid” and it allows them in the same status.
  2. Secondly, Allow a customer to download and view PDF versions of their invoices: When it is disabled, then you should send customers their invoice yourself.
  3. Thirdly, Hide this state in all customer orders: In the third step, for you and for your team, it enables you to generate an internal statuses. Most of the customers will never watch this in their order status page.
  4. Fourthly, Send an e-mail to customer when their order status has changed: A drop-down menu become visible to show you to select which mail template to use, when this step is enabled.
  5. Fifthly, Set the order as shipped: You should be very alert, once an order is placed as “Shipped” then, it won’t be placed back to the before status.
  6. Sixthly, Set the order as paid: Same as sixth step, Once an order is placed as “Paid” then, it won’t be placed back to the before status.
  7. Lastly, Show delivery PDF: Atlast, show the delivery PDF.

Creating a new return status:

Now, you can create a new return status with the “Add New” button at the base. Then, the creation form will be opened.

It just characteristic two fields:

  • Status Name: You can set your own desired status name.
  • Color: You can set its color as per your wish.

And now finally, Save your creations without fail.

That’s all, this is how status management is used in prestashop and for further information contact us.

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