Magento How To Setup In Your Online Store?

Learn how to setup Magento in your online store with a few steps in this tutorial.

The Payment gateway provide you the skill to allow credit card and check payments in USD, quickly and inexpensive.

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Basically, there are 3 steps which will define you authorized .net setup:

Step 1: setup a direct post to the authorized .net

Step 2: connect account

Step 3: configure the system

Magento How To Setup In Your Online Store?

Step 1: Setup Direct Post To The Authorized.netImage result for magento

  • To setup a direct post to the, you need to go to payment methods through the following way: store→configuration→ sales → payment methods.
  • In enable option select yes
  • In payment action you can choose any option which is right option to you ,the following option:
  • Authorize only: Cash on the consumers card are allowed by authorize .net, and an order is formed on your store’s admin. You can later create an invoice and capture the cash.
  • Authorized and captured: cash on the customer’s card are authorized and captured by an, and an order and invoice are created on your credit.
  • Create a name for the title box that you need but make sure that the name will remain you about the option.

 Step 2: Connect Magento Account

  • You want to fill the two following information of your account:
  1. API login
  2. Transaction key
  • In the merchant MD5 box you need to fill the data from your account at account→setting→security setting→MD5-hash
  • In the new order status you can select any one option from :
  1. Processed Ogone payment
  2. Processing
  • Like other payment gateway, with also have the right to verify the performance to see if there is any bug. You can check more than One time and turn it off when you sure that all is acceptable and your system is ready to operate.
  • The default link for

Step 3: Configure The System

To configure the, you need to do following steps:

  1. Set up an accepted currency to “US dollar”
  2. Set debug to “Yes”, to save the messages’ transmitter between to your store and
  3. In Payment Option, we have the following configure:
  • In the Credit Card Type list, select each credit card that is authorized to your store.
  • To involve the customers to enter a card validation value (CVV), set Credit Card verification to “yes”.
  1. In payment from applicable countries we have two options:

All countries: Client from all the countries specified in your store configuration can use this payment method.

Specific countries: In this option, the payment from a particular country appears. Choose each country in the list where the customer can make purchase from your store.

  1. For direct post transaction, enter total minimum order and total maximum order.
  2. Enter the sort number to define the position of direct post in the list of payment methods during checkout (0-first, 1-second, 2-third and so on).
  3. Select the save button to save your entire configuration.

I hope the above mentioned information helps you to set the Magento to your store.

Magento How To Setup?

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