Key difference between Node.js and Angular js

JavaScript has evolved as the most powerful programming language from a simple client-side scripting language. It supports to create server-side applications in addition to the conventional client-side applications. Both Node.JS and  Angular JS are open source and extensively used JavaScript technologies, in which AngularJS is a framework used to build reliable and simple applications. Whereas the Node.JS platform used in the development of complex server-sided cross-platform web applications.

Both these platforms have their own uniqueness and are different from each other in many parameters. Here we elaborately discuss vital information related to Node.JS and AngularJS. Moreover, We showcase you some key between these platforms, by which you will be able to understand them more deeply

What is NODE.JS??

Node.js is a free open source, cross-platform, runtime environment library for running JavaScript applications outside the browser that is used for creating server-side JavaScript applications.

All the existing Node.js applications are written in JavaScript that can runs within the Node.js runtime on Microsoft Windows and Linux and. This particular framework offers a rich library of JavaScript modules to ease the web development process.

What is AngularJS??

AngularJS is also open-source, but a full-featured JavaScript structural framework used to develop dynamic web-based applications. It allows developers to use “HTML” as the template language and that lets HTML’s syntax to express the application’s components briefly and clearly.

The prime goal of Angular js is to simplify the support process for developing dynamic and single page web applications.

Here, we compare some important features of both Node.js and AngularJS just to conclude with better technology for web application development:

Features of Node.js and AngularJS

Core architecture

Node.js was developed as a cross-platform runtime environment, which is based on Google’s JavaScript engine. It is developed using a huge number of programming languages such as JavaScript, C++, C and so on.

AngularJS developed as a web application development framework by Google. It is generally developed using JavaScript and its syntax rules.

Web framework

Node.js, not just a programming language, it is a runtime environment library for running JavaScript application. In addition to that, Node.js has a variety of frameworks to choose from like Hapi.JS,, Meteor.js, Sails.js, and Express.js.

A web-based framework called AngularJS simply used to automate some common application development processes while developing various websites, web applications, and web services.

Data pattern

Node.js has an interesting design pattern that is useful for generating database queries because of its JavaScript nature to write database queries for the various dedicated databases such as MongoDB, CouchDB. This reduces the developer’s task of remembering the syntax differences while combining Node.js and NoSQL databases.

Angular js differs from others in design pattern, unlike others, it makes an implementing process of Model-view-controller(MVC) easy by splitting the application into MVC components.

Programming language and Paradigm support

In Node.js, apart from JavaScript, it supports Ruby, CoffeeScript, and TypeScript programming languages. And in paradigms, it supports functional, object-oriented, concurrency-oriented, event-driven, and sub programming paradigms

AngularJS supports CoffeeScript, TypeScript, and Dart programming languages in addition to JavaScript Talking about paradigms, it supports event-driven, functional, and object-oriented programming paradigms.


Now, as we have discussed both Node.js and AngularJS platforms and are completely clear about their functionalities and differences. In a nutshell, With no doubt, Nodejs is best when you need to manipulate a lot of databases. Node.js is good when you want to build microservices or need a big application to run that will have a lot of interactions or a real-time app. It provides smooth, speed and high capability to handle a huge number of connections to develop more and more communities.

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