How is Magento 2 better than Magento 1

Magento 2 better than Magento 1

Businesses are growing because the new version can grow. It’s fast with a streamlined refresh process to increase transitions and re-advertise customers. Experts believe that customers who want to go to Magento 2 or to other eCommerce platforms. To continue, the extension must be upgraded to a newer version.

Major Reasons Why Magento 2 is Better Than Magento 1:

  1. Understanding The Positive Impact Of Magento
  2. Load Time
  3. Confusing Admin Interface
  4. Customer User Interface Experience
  5. Full Page Caching

Understanding The Positive Impact Of Magento:

Several store owners and developers wonder with Magento 2, what this new coding platform will do to affect website performance and customization performance. You have to observe that Magento is updating from the previous version. A great advantage of using Magento is that it is a strong e-commerce solution that allows you to work out the box and customization to fit your website requirement.

Load Time:

The current version of Magento Community, which is the free edition, does not comprise a full page caching system. Magento 2, which necessitate the latest version of Mysql, was constructed to acquire benefit of improvement to the Mysql database structure to permit for improved query processing, caching and re-indexing, which is a procedure Magento uses to make sure product data, inventory and URLs are advanced after updating products, attributes or any part of the list.

Confusing Admin Interface:

Magento 2 is more responsive and easy to navigate layout that obtain you to where you want to go faster with no great you with several options to choose from. Best of all, the product page interface is easier to work with, you can simply add images and video to a product page. Video URLs from Vimeo or Youtube can be included without difficulty for any product as this feature is now default for Magento 2. Including,

  • Improved CMS Content Interface
  • Improved Admin Menu Navigation
  • Improved Product Page/Creation Interface.

Customer User Interface Experience:

Magento 2 addresses this by means of a 2 step checkout process which is easier to view and navigate. It moreover is more flexible in allowing guests to log in to their account and then continue their checkout process. Usually a smoother checkout experience, for Magento 1, would need whichever customization or a new module completely to replace the default checkout.

Full Page Caching:

With Magento 1, site load speed has been a distress for numerous customers and undoubtedly that will have an crash on visitors staying on the site and will straightly crash sales conversion rates. Magento 2 answers this problem by putting together with in Community, not just Enterprise, so you can run optimized pages so as to load pages faster for your customers.

Benefits Of Magento 2:

Improved performanceMagento 2 run faster and quicker than Magento 1. Faster site speed supports more sales and enlarges website search engine optimization.

User-friendly checkout- The checkout process in Magento 2 is further well-organized. It is extremely customizable and desire less steps and customer information. Reducing the checkout time is enormous for sinking abandoned carts and rising conversions.

Key integrations- Key integrations includes payment gateways like PayPal and Braintree. These are payment platforms the greater part of Magento users choose to integrate anyway, so Magento 2 makes it a lot easier.

Better admin interface- The new admin interface is intended to facilitate diminish the time managing an online store. It’s a lot more user-friendly and easier for new team members to study. Admin are able to modify the admin panel so significant business information can be accessed rapidly.

More mobile-friendly– Mobile responsiveness is an input to humanizing sales, as several customers are shopping on smart phones and tablets. The Magento team acknowledged this and prepared mobile responsiveness a priority in the core Magento 2 platform.


Even though a few have reservations regarding moving to Magento 2, it’s clear this platform was designed to provide a better experience for customers and admin. It preserve the flexibility Magento is known for, but include a little important, useful features.

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  • Thanks for sharing this awesome blog. Magento 2 features are very useful for ecommerce websites, because Magento 2 will mainly update webpage loading speed, easy to navigate to the checkout and make user convenience.

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