Magento vs Woocommerce: Which Ecommerce platform should you choose?

Magento Vs WooCommerce

Magento and WooCommerce, both have a bunch of essential features to proffer their customers. Both are extensively admired, however when it comes to selecting anyone, then it is not simple. A deep analysis and comparison of their features can help you make your job easier and faster. Since not any of the online retailers would ever hope that their customers left dejected from their site and that too devoid of purchasing anything.

Both WooCommerce and Magento has their supporters similar to any other platform claiming that their choice is best. An unbiased opinion is a key to select the right one as per your needs.

Hence, today we will take a look at the basic difference between WooCommerce and Magento, and their features.

An introduction to WooCommerce

WooCommerce has all the functionality required to open an e-store with the several advanced functions that it offers via its extension system. It supports unlimited products and has a robust extension system that is based on the format of WordPress. Users can pick any payment processors using its extensions. It is far and wide admired due to its premium themes. The platform comprises SSL support, and the user can incorporate with the Google analytics.

What is unique about WooCommerce?

A powerful plugin, WooCommerce offers features that are useful and give effective eCommerce solution and at the same time retain the simplicity of its parent platform. WordPress, a well-recognized platform is the parent platform for this plugin.

Features of WooCommerce

  • It supports unlimited products to their clients.
  • Offers customization options and all WordPress themes.
  • Basic security features.
  • It has an extension system with various options.

An introduction to Magento

WooCommerce proffers a community solution, but Magento is further paying attention to companies. But don’t think that small businesses cannot get any benefit from this platform.  It offers a community edition for free, for the small businesses and for large companies it offers an enterprise edition. Alike several self-hosted platforms, Magento too supports unlimited products and has its theme and layout.

Users can connect efficiently and securely with a third-party solution as it includes proficient APIs. As it is a free community edition, you don’t have to spend here but the only place where you have to spend is on web hosting.

What is unique about Magento?

An eCommerce platform, Magento is tailored for medium and large online stores. It is recognized for providing the nearly all robust features in this field which is perfect for the clients with high desires. This makes it unique among the other platforms.

Features of Magento

  • Clients can add unlimited products to their store.
  • Variety of theme and support extension.
  • Advanced security features and dedicated patches to close any path of vulnerabilities that may arise.

To make use of this platform, an essential familiarity of web development is necessary.


The simple and beneficial choice for the beginners is WooCommerce. Set your store easily and enhance your learning of the online store markets.

However, while we converse about a further efficient solution for the big online stores then nothing is better than the Magento. You can choose any one among these platforms according to your requirements to build your ecommerce website.

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