What is the need of migrating magento 1 to magento 2?

The reason for migrating your online store from Magento 1 to Magento 2 is “The end of support” for it. Is that could be the best singular reason attributed and no others behind such a massive undertaking? Definitely no.  Another reason is to overcome the key challenges with Magento 1x and in terms of speed, security, and functionalities. There is an all-round performance upgrade everywhere. 

Once the support for Magento 1 ends, your online store will no longer receive any security patches and updates, which is so ill. So, the Magento decided to move all its users to a more stable and superior platform. 

Moving your online store to Magento 2x brings a lot more features and functionality updates as said above. Magento 2x has a new architecture with database design, this particular version is reliable and secure for the Magento developer and store owners.

In addition to that Magento 2x platform brings numerous changes and improved performance to your store. 

The main changes that you can expect while migrating from Magento 1 to Magento 2:

  • A change in technology versions
  • Improved backend and stunning flexibility in frontend 
  • Better performance

All these changes focused on facilitating a wide range of business segments right from small-medium businesses to big enterprises. The main changes that you can expect while migrating to Magento 2. 

Magento 2x: Is it necessary to upgrade? 

Magento 1x store can manage to perform well even for several other upcoming months. But immediately once after the support ends, you might face performance & security issues. It is necessary due to this standpoint to upgrade the current Magento 1x websites to the Magento 2x. New Magento 2.x version comes with innumerable features and offers a great opportunity to grow your online business.


Scalability and enhanced performance: High scalability is the main reason for migrating to Magento 2. Also, the average loading time of a Magento 2x website is just 3 seconds. Faster loading enhances the overall performance of the site. 

Responsive and search engine friendly: Magento 2 offers a high responsive frontend design to ease the browsing in all the devices and platforms. This, in turn, enhances the search engine-friendliness of the store with huge mobile traffic.

Streamlined checkout: The checkout process has become simpler in Magento 2x version. As it offers 2-step checkout for the faster and ultimate shopping experience to the online customers. 

Multi-lingual support: Third-party extensions of the Magento2 platform support about 30+ languages. This multi-lingual support enables customers from all over the world to search in their desired language.

Easy installation: Installing new extensions and modules in Magento 2 platform is easier when compared to Magento 1 platform. 

Effective management: Handling a Magento 2x-powered online store is easy, that users with less technical knowledge also can manage it effectively.

Interactive Dashboard: Magento 2 enables the user to find all the store-related information in one place. The dashboard overview includes the following elements, they are:

  • Lifetime sales
  • Orders and revenues
  • Top search terms
  • Most viewed products
  • New customers

Simpler product upload: With easy-to-handle admin panel, adding new products and related media is now a lot easier.

Efficient customization: As per the merchant’s expectation, Magento 2 platform allows customizing site contents and monitoring on-site behavior.

Hardware requirements: Magento 2 is managed to yield high performance with low hardware requirements. 


If you’re planning to migrate your existing Magento business, contact us without any hesitation.

We would love to talk to you and frame a plan for your eCommerce business migration. 

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