Tremendous CodeIgniter Libraries You Need To Include In Your Business

Few Tramendous CodeIgniter Libraries that you need to include it in your business.


CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP development framework, with a simple, basic and well-designed tool, open source PHP, ready to create a full web based application that is ready to create a dynamic website with fast, reliable security improvement. Software. CodeIgniter is a very secure PHP framework.

CodeIgniter Libraries:

The main part of the CodeIgniter framework structure is its libraries. It provides a rich library, which increases the speed of creating an app indirectly. The system library is located in the system or libraries. All we have to do is load the library we want to use.

Few Tremendous CodeIgniter libraries you need to get on into your business is given below:

  • GroceryCrud
  • Template Library
  • HybridAuth
  • Cjax Ajax Framework
  • Image Manipulation Library
  • Simple Assets Library
  • Datamapper ORM
  • Payment Library

Grocery CRUD:

The life of a developer makes easy in the grocery store. The code is a few lines and you can create a complete CRUD with nice displays. Fully automated system running with a relative in PHP.

Grocery CRUD is a CodeIgniter library that constructs a developer’s life effortless. Code with few lines and you can create a complete CRUD with nice displays and it is a totally automatic system that even a newbie in PHP can work with it. With the influence of Grocery Crud and Codeigniter Framework, you can generate a full CRUD system in a minute.

Template Library:

CodeIgniter – Template is a template library that helps you to construct your complicated vision with CodeIgniter. It helps you to work with themes and modules (which I personally do) and add your header, meta data, breadcrumbs and excerpt views.


HybridAuth developers be able to effortlessly creating social apps for socially engaging audience and customers on social networks by activating social networks, social sharing, user profiles, friends list, activities stream, status updates, and more. Its objective should act as a brief API between your application and various social options, such as Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and Google.

Cjax Ajax Framework:.

Cjax is a lightweight, AJAX architecture based on a MVC framework which targets PHP applications / sites. This is actually JavaScript with PHP. Cjax’s self-explanation, you’re looking at the syntax, now you can say what you’re saying, the best thing about it is simple PHP, product or inline codes in your HTML is no javascript, Cjax takes care of the rest by its brief data processor.

Image Manipulation Library:

The CodeIgniter library for image manipulation is enormous, although Mat developer establish it embarrassed to use When performing many processes. So he wrote his own library. It’s not only PHP 5 and GD2 but its immense also.

Simple Assets Library:

A simple asset library for integrating and minimizing your JavaScript and CSS assets. In accumulation there is a a smaller amount CSS compiler and a coffeeScript compiler.

Datamapper ORM:

DataMapper is an Object Relational Mapper written in PHP for CodeIgniter. It is designed easily to map your database tables to work with objects that are fully aware of each other.

Payments Library:

CodeIgniter permit you to incorporate any supported payment gateway using a consistent API. It was originally developed as part of an eCommerce module for Expression Engine, and is now used on hundreds of eCommerce sites worldwide.

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