What is Video On Demand (VOD)?


VOD” stands for “Video On Demand“. In general, Video on demand is a system that lets you decide on and access videos on Mobile phones, Computers, Televisions or Laptops on online stores. Video On Demand(VOD) offers users the available number of pre-recorded videos such as Sports, Entertainment, Educational Programs, Feature films, TV programs, etc. From those available videos, the user can select the videos and access them. In the case of business, anyone who is doing business can upload their contents and ideas about their business. VOD helps for getting clients or viewers. it’s a convenience one and anyone can access the videos anywhere and anytime. Few websites will provide the users to access the videos without any subscriptions. While a few websites will ask over the user to pay a subscription for accessing the videos. The store will solicit the users to login to their account and to pay subscription according to their wish from the given default plans by the stores. Amazon prime video, Netflix, Hotstar are few examples for Video On Demand(VOD).

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