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Features of Magento Multi
Vendor Marketplace

600+ Features that transform your eCommerce store into a Multi-vendor marketplace with multiple sellers in one place.

Vendor Management

Vendor product search option in vendor panel.

Seller Order Management

Seller can track sales, orders, stock, and fulfillment.

Multi currencies & Language

Easy payment options and can set frontend text in most language.

Report system

Report system allows sellers and admin to see their reports for sales, products, and income.

Feedback & Review

Feedback & review system enables sellers to improve their offerings.

Chat Options

Live chat system integration for instant communication from the sellers.

Admin Management

Admin can configure moderation and approval from the admin panel.

Vendor Benefit

Boosts sales conversion of products available in inventory.

Product Management

Vendor can manage products with custom options for their panel.

Separate Vendor Panel

Separate panel to manage products and orders from the customized panel.

Commission Management

Marketplace owner can create multiple commission rules.

Email Template & Notification

Progressive template and admin will be notified via proper notification messages.

Theme / Template Support

Advanced UI support with current theme and template.

SEO management

Avails ultimate options for configuring the store’s rich snippets.

Gift option

Gift option helps you offer gifts to your customers to boost sales.

Inventory system

Vendor can manage products and monitor the inventory of the product.

Get the best integrations with your multivendor magento store.

1,00,000+ Integrations to power your eCommerce software.

Payment Gateway
Shipping & Partners
Marketing & Automation

Got Any Questions?

Here are some Frequently asked questions. Read and get better insights about Magento Marketplace solution

An online marketplace is an eCommerce website that connects sellers with buyers under a single online roof. Companies use online marketplaces to succeed in customers who want to get their products and services. Examples of online marketplaces include Etsy, Amazon, and eBay.

Magento is a purpose-built eCommerce platform that holds roughly one-third of the Online eCommerce market share. It powers some of the world’s leading brands with amazing features and flexible architecture. Magento is suitable for online Marketplace in most cases. With Magento, one can scale security and business to put their eCommerce business dream forward.

  • About 2 billion people will make online purchases every year in the future.
  • The online Multi-vendor marketplace reaches a new level with sales growing 17.5% year-over-year.
  • Global eCommerce market sales will reach the $5 trillion mark next few years.

Webnexs provides a clear basic understanding of its client’s requirements through the solutions it has in hand and tries to modify the solution towards the requirement. Our Multi-vendor marketplace extension has over 600+ features to power your Magento store.

The average ROI of an eCommerce, however, is around $9 ~ $30 for every $1 invested, depending on its maturity. Keep in mind that this amount is average. You can even earn more with little push.

Yes, anyone can build an online B2B marketplace with our Magento marketplace extension that suits any B2B marketplace business requirement.

Security is one of the most important reasons for the success of Magento Marketplace. It is the best choice for building up and running a highly secured Online eCommerce store.

The Magento Marketplace Multi-Vendor Extension by Webnexs transforms your Magento store into a thriving multi-vendor marketplace by where you can make your sellers list their products and make the sale in the store.

Owner benefits - Owners earn commission on every product sale. The owner can set different commission schemes on different products, categories, and vendors.

Vendor Benefits - Selling at many channels will boost sales and revenue. Multi-channel sales are a popular concept nowadays and selling on many marketplaces will lead to more sales.

Buyers Benefits - Buyers have the choice to buy different kinds of products in the marketplace. Buyers can compare the products based on price, vendor rating, and location.

Currently, there is a good deal of integration available for the Magento marketplace but to mention a few among are shipping integration, Payment integration, and so on.

Magento Marketplace Extension support for many renowned languages around the globe. Almost every language is supported by the Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension.

Yes, the Marketplace Multi-Vendor Extension for Magento is very much stable and you can use this extension directly on your live website.

Yes, Webnexs provides a customized and feature-rich mobile application for Magento 2 marketplace and it is available for the Android version.

* Still not satisfied? We are readily available at live chat now or just ping us and get your doubts cleared by our Magento Support team.

Online Marketplace
Business Model

Online Marketplaces are definitely the business model of the future. The thing is: You want to make sure you’re working on the most lucrative revenue-generating business possible. And that’s exactly what the Online marketplace is.

Grow Your Online Business With Online Marketplace Solution


Features of Magento Marketplace
Developed by Webnexs

Multi Vendor Marketplace - Admin

The Admin panel features that have been provided by Marketplace solution. Here Admin has complete control over the activities of the vendors.

  • Admin can modify(add/remove) the seller profiles as Approve/Disapprove/Deny/Processing.
  • Admin can allow a seller to add up-sell products to boost sales.
  • Admin can customize between three different layouts for Landing Page.
  • Admin can configure marketplace landing page element like banner, banner content, button label, icons, etc

Multi Vendor Marketplace - Seller

This is the responsive Vendor Panel which is offered with Multi-Vendor Marketplace. Sellers have a separate panel for managing the profile, sales, products, reports, settings, etc.

  • Our extension offers a different Product type for Seller (Simple, Downloadable, Virtual, Configurable).
  • Allows the seller to edit the shop URL for the Profile page, collection page, review page, Location page.
  • Now sellers can add/update/delete products from their dashboard
  • Using a dashboard seller can track his income, the latest order, comment and reviews, recent orders, and recent comments with the total sales matrix.

Multi Vendor Marketplace - Buyer

This responsive Multi-Vendor Marketplace avails buyers to compare from multiple sellers and grab deals.

  • With our extension, buyers can compare the products based on vendors, ratings, and reviews, on the seller list page.
  • Buyers can give and view the product ratings and reviews of the seller.
  • Buyers can catch all the product’s details given by the seller.
  • Now buyers can also compare the price of the products of different sellers.

Business Benefits

  • Global regions are still hidden with eCommerce. If you start your eCommerce marketplaces in this region at this time, there is a high chance to get success in a short period.

  • With gross merchandise sales on the top 100 marketplaces accounted for a total of being spent globally.

  • A global figure who carries online purchases through the marketplace every year.

  • Seller believes that they are generating 5X time more revenue by selling online eCommerce than their offline business. Onboarding the seller on your marketplace is not a problem now.

  • Buyers are awaiting to make online purchases by 2040. Ecommerce is opening the doors of opportunity to countless entrepreneurs.


Why Choose Webnexs?

Some good reasons for why should choose us
  • Easy-to-setup your online marketplace to make changes yourself.
  • Best in class 3 months of free support.
  • Best in design, mobile-friendly, responsive marketplace website.
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • We’re the best! Yes, we’re the best with Magento Marketplace development, design, marketing. Reach us! Your success is our success.
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