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Front & Back office Features

Go Responsive

Customers sales increases on websties which are fludic and responsive. The storefront with webnexs is highly responsive on 100+ Devices and 10+ Browsers.

Powerful Search

Give the ease of finding the products with much ease to customers. Powerful searches boost sales to a very large numbers.


Showcase the products added and you make the right sale easier with easy cart placement.

Intutive Home Page

The home page conveys a lot meaning when the customers meet your brand. Feature every possible categories with our intutive home pages. Interact smooth with your customers.


Blogs are the place where you can speak on different areas of the business. Our integrated blogs does that platform support for you.


Showcase the list of product varieties in the store by grouping them into similar categories. Our themes Showcase them effectively.

Cross Selling

We belive cross selling is lot more important to showcase what you have with your store on customers who are already browsing website. Our Banner section makes it simpler for you.


Put “New” on top of your products to make them standout from the rest of the product crowd. Sell them Fast & Easy.


Its not only the store, but trusted brands are most improtant for any store to become successful. Gain Trust by featuring truseted Supplier/ brands.

Newsletter Signup

Tune up with our customer signup feature to send news to customers. They would love hearing from you anything, except spam.


Let the customers compare one product with another. This can increase the average sale rate/conversion rate. We help you to educate them and make them love you.


Most often this is disregarded. But this is to feature how the website is organised. Serious buyers looks after sitemap for several reasons including how many products does the store have and +etc.

Mega Menu

Menus are signages to acutal shops within your ecommerce website. Customers love seeing menus pictorically. Wcomm scripts has all of that.

Meet Socially

Go Social and you will see the benefits of the best channel to speak. Share with customers and let customers share you. All of them for you, with social love.

User Accounts

We give separate accounts for each of your users with a complete set of management features.

Address Management

Customers can add their physical address, Set up a new delivery address and many more. Customers can easily manage their profiles here.

Discount Engine

Provide discounts of any type, range and quantity. Our Dicount Engine does that all for you and you can win the sales.

Detailed Reporting

Take reports product wise, best seller wise, customer based, date range based and many more by default. All that is needed to measure is present within our store.

Manage Invoices

Create , Edit and Print invoices on the go. Monitor the status of each order from the backoffice of your store seamless.

Delivery Slips

Delivery slips are something which has to be present while delivering an order. Our store gives you the provision to download the delivery slip while sending package to customers.

Easy Out of Stock Management

Manage out of stock products very easy. You can allow or deny orders and set re-stocking date and take orders while the products is still out of stock. You will love this sytem.

Easy CMS

Manage all your CMS pages easy with one click creation. WYSIWYG Editor helps you to create the pages on your own.

Easy Payment Gateway

We Provide you with different payment gateway options. You can choose payment gateways and we can get it installed for you.

Ecommerce Features list list of Ecommerce Features

Increase sales Conversions and customer Satisfaction by providing Beautiful zopim chat widget. Providing Live chat support will Ensure a personal touch to the customer and address their query instantly.

Let the customer make payment through WeChat app. Customers can complete the payment quickly with their smart phones. WeChat Pay Service is considered as best choice of Mobile payments.

PayUMoney offers E-Payment Services to the store through various Partnerships with popular banks and payments Instrument Companies. With Payu Money store can accept credit card, Debit card and online banking account.

E-Billing Solutions or EBS helps to collect online purchases from the store from customers net banking, debit card and credit cards. EBS Secured by PCI DSS 3.0 compliance and audited by ISO 27001 – 2013.

Direcpay one of the most reliable payment gateways in India, Direcpay offers a wide range of online businesses ecommerce stores. Direcpay supports 40+ banks Across india.

Paytabs offers One of the easiest way to accept Online payments through the web store. Paytabs offers fastest integration and simple setup process. Paytabs enables to keep the online business without worrying about the payments

Reach millions of shoppers worldwide and boost up their confidence with a faster, safer and informed checkout Experience. Extent the features of PayPal to both owners and customers based on their needs

Create a marketplace where multiple vendors can manage sales of their own products through one common web-store. Multivendor is a perfect solution for virual shopping malls with separate departments.

Let others people market the products and reward them with percentage of any sales that are made for their efforts. Set affiliate system to boost up the sales rate on the store.

Make the store easy to manage bookings and customers in a unique tool set with reservation booking module. Easily integrate into popular services that empower the online business.

Online auction are primarily designed to boost customer relationship. Let the customer bid the lowest price and bidder of highest price wins the products. Revolutionize the store and encourage the customer to buy more products.