Introduction to AVOD.

Earn by interlacing advertisements into your content—setup ads into your content as pre-roll,mid-roll and post-roll. Users have to watch your advertisements to view their content.

With our ad manager, you have a higher degree of control over your ad and earn seamlessly, get access to in-depth analytics, giving you complete control over the advertising landscape.

Highlights of AVOD

Pre- Ads

Pre Roll Ads

Ads show before the video starts playing. These kinds of ads run within 10 to 15 seconds on smart screens. It is a general form of publishing the products/services through video advertising

Mid- Ads

Mid Roll Ads

Ads show while the video is playing. These kinds of ads run in the middle of the content if the user wants to remove these ads, they have to pay a one time or subscription fee. The Ad-Managers / Admin need to select the frame/timing for the ads to run in between the content.

Mid- Ads

Post Roll Ads

Ads pop up once the video has finished playing. These ads encourages the viewers to take action in at the end of the video.Those actions can be any relevant call to action.

Make your business running through videos, get access to our end to end tailor-made solutions.

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