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Manage Unlimited Products on Online Store Without any Limit.

Instant Ecommerce Development

Sort and organize Products easily Through Categories Management.

Create Ecommerce Website

Manage Variation of Same Products like Color, Capacity, Size, Weight, and etc Using Attribute Management.

Manage Attributes

Single Products

Webnexs wcomm Ecommerce Store lets to add, edit and modify unlimited products on the online store. Our Ecommerce Website Development supports the management of the products without any limitation. Keep adding new products without any problem on the wcomm store. wcomm store has many inbuilt beautiful features they are

Products Details

This feature in Ecommerce Website allows to declare the type of product, assign name to the product and create reference code, barcode types like EAN-13 or JAN or UPC, visibility of products on the store, current condition of the product, shot and detailed descriptions of products and tags.

SEO Optimization

Webnexs wcomm Ecommerce Development provides this feature for better visibility on popular search engine like Google, Bing and yahoo for indexing. wcomm store lets to create and modify SEO Meta information like Meta tags and Meta descriptions. More over can generate SEO friendly URLs for the product pages.

Shipping Information

Your Ecommerce website Providing shipping information to the products is a vital process for the ecommerce store. Webnexs wcomm lets to mention package’s height, package’s depth, package’s weight and provides a chance to the customer to choose the carriers.


Display information for the customers on leftover quantities of each product on the online store’s inventory respective of their categories on the product page and even on admin panel of the store. Showing remaining stocks helps both the customer and store owners about the products on the ecommerce website.

Bundled Products

Selling multiple products as a bundled package is a brilliant idea. Bundled products package helps the customers by save price on the individual products and also provides a greater hike towards overall products sales. Take a look at some of the beloved features on wcomm Ecommerce Development’s on bundled products features

Create a collection of two or more products with wcomm. Our ecommerce Developer helps to create prefect combination of bundled products. With Ecommerce store, you can provide information like list of products in pack, name of the bundle, reference ID and many more

Declare a clear cost of each product with both regular retail price and discounted whole sale price on the product page. Our Ecommerce Website also allows to set tax rules based on the region, declare specific price of each product based on user groups, set various combination of available dates on the project.

Webnexs wcomm Ecommerce Web Development’s bundle products are infamous for its functionality of providing fair and attractive discounts which leads the customer to buy bundled packs than regular individual packs. The wcomm allows to apply special discounts for these bundled packs.

Let the customer to know about the list of contents of the bundled package on the ecommerce website. Wcomm application displays the total items on the bundled pack, quantity of each items, price of individual items and many more.

Downloadable Products

Having a store which provides digital products is currently a new trend. Wcomm allows to create a new hype towards the digital stores. Webnexs wcomm digital products features allow downloading products simply after the purchase. Digital products feature let’s to sell virtual products like eBooks, Images, music and many more.

Never host the files on third party location other than store’s own server. Whether it’s an eBook or music Files or Images. Webnexs wcomm Ecommerce website allows hosting the stores digital products securely on the store’s server.

Make the products availability only on certain time period. Wcomm Ecommerce Development allows to setting up the limitation by declaring the expiration date to the digital products. Let the store completely cease the access for the file after the provided dead line.

Apply restriction on how many times a product can be downloaded after the successful purchase of the product from the store, if the store has limited bandwidth supply or need to provide the digital products based on no. of usage, you can do that by limiting the products download in wcomm Ecommerce store.

Restrict access to the digital files based on trial period. Develop Ecommerce Website with access not only based on Total No. of downloads, Expiration Dates for the digital files but also by number of days.


Manage InvoicesManage Invoices

Create and Manage Invoices for Every Purchase that Customer makes Using Invoice Management.

Manage Merchandise ReturnsManage Merchandise Returns

Manage Customer Products which are returned back

Manage Delivery SlipsManage Delivery Slips

Manage Delivery note that Supposed to be sent along with the Ordered Products through Wcomm Ecommerce Store.



Manage Profile

Manage Customers Profile’s Information Precisely through Customer Profile Management.

Manage Address

Manage Customer Shipping Address in Ecommerce Store to which order will be Delivered.

Manage Groups

Assign Permission to Customers and give them Privileges Based on Groups using Group Management.

Deal Management

Start a Daily deal store that allows to create day-to-day discounts and sell multiple products with discounts with wcomm Ecommerce company. Wcomm daily deal module lets to configure online shop to display hot deals on products in more eye catching way.

Specify the deals to Users based on their Type of Currencies, Location, and Groups. Webnexs wcomm Ecommerce Development deal management features allow to trigger the deal only when customer purchases using certain currencies type or regions or customer user groups.

Spark up the deals on the store only when customer orders a product more than certain price level. wcomm Ecommerce Store lets to set deals to trigger only when a customer orders using certain types of currencies or only when the Certain Amount of Units they should make purchase to turn the deal.

Notify customers about the current deal status and when the deal will be ended. wcomm allows customers to know about the deal status with fascinating countdown timers. Wcomm countdown timers pull customer to purchase the products more quickly.

Coupon Manager

Throw discounts for all customer or specified customer groups on the stores. Any wcomm Ecommerce Solution allows to create or generate Coupons code and Send it to the customer via Email Marketing channel

Cart Rule

Provide a pack of rule that enables coupons when the customer purchases above limit mentioned by during final check out. Webnexs wcomm ecommerce web development allows the ecommerce shop to trigger discounts when if the customer does a product purchase more than the mentioned amount.

Pricing Rules

Setup price discounts based on manufacture, suppliers, categories, attributes and products features, wcomm allows to set price discount also based on the customer, currency types, regions and user groups.


Leave a name to the coupon code name depends on the upcoming festival. Creating customized coupon code can boost up the visits and sales of the products. Ecommerce Website allows to setup unique coupons codes name, its values in percentage or as amount and its date of expiration.

Ecommerce Store Stats

Following up the online stores statistics information for the development of business is important process. wcomm Ecommerce website lets to get accurate and most updated information about the online store. This is helpful for to calculate the potential of each products and provide ability to determine whether to keep or remove the specified products from store. wcomm not only provides statistical information about the store’s products but also provides information about incoming visitors in detailed GUI format.

wcomm Ecommerce stores allows to evaluate the stats of available quantities left for sales on online store. The available quantities stats helps to get vital information like Reference ID of the product, available quantity for sale, price of the products, and value of the total leftover quantities. Webnexs wcomm store allows to sort this info by any categories.

Best categories stats help to pin point the top selling categories in the Ecommerce Website. Ecommerce Store will provide stats that help to provide top most categories based on data like name of the categories, total quantities sold at that specific category, total prices and its margin and total number of views it received.

Customer brings the profit. In wcomm pick out the best customers out of others with best customer stats. Best customer stat helps to sort out top most customers based on information like total number of visits, money spent towards the online store while purchasing the products and total valid order the customer made..

Ecommerce Website needs to have good and trustable suppliers those who provide sufficient amount of products for the online stores on right time to run smoothly. wcomm ecommerce store’s best supplier stats helps to obtain better information like name of the suppliers, total number of quantities sold of the products, and total amount paid for suppliers. can sort these information and save these reports on CSV format.

Keeps a track on top most selling products on ecommerce store. Webnexs provides a view on the top most selling products on the store which can be analyzed based on various attributes like name of the products, quantity sold, total no of sales, page views left over quantities and current status of the products.

Keep a perfect track of the store’s customer by tracking the information like customers browser make, version of the browser and operating system for the store future development. wcomm Ecommerce Website loaded with information like customer’s browser make and version with the operating system in an eye catching self explanatory format.

Wcomm stores provide thousands of useful stats based on store every day activities. You are on own towards how use that brings potential. Webnexs lets to download these various stats for offline purpose on CSV format. Wanna test out the stats for real? Click here to view real time demo.

Why webnexs wcomm is considered as best Ecommerce Web Development Company?

More than 60% of popular business owners accept that wcomm is their preferred Ecommerce Website Company for their business. Why they say so? Webnexs wcomm is stuffed up with 30+ demos and themes and 310+ features which makes online business a hassle free job.

Design Features

Provide a quick boost up to business branding by displaying thebusiness logo on the top of the online store. wcomm lets to display brand’s logo in a prime place on the store and wcomm header is developed in a way such that it can handle logo of any shape and size irrelevant of its dimension.

Make visibility of products easier and provide an easier checkout process on online store. wcomm Ecommerce Website provides a prefect layout that provide a flawless purchasing experience to both new and returning customers. Wcomm is solely built to make a better purchasing experience for the customers.

Provide opportunity for the customer, who should able to find the products which they are looking for. wcomm Ecommerce Store supports mega menu bar that provides a powerful navigation system which not only helps to find the products they are looking for but also helps to make the sales quicker and easier.

Let online store provide a check out process which is less complicated. Providing a complicated check out process leads customer to abandoning their cart. Wcomm allows customers to purchase the products through simpler process by removing unwanted process.

It’s a brighter idea to choose a template style that matches the products on the ecommerce store. wcomm Ecommerce Development has a vast collection of themes that has solely designed to meet the requirement of any businesses. online store will easily sync up with the products that gonna sell.

The key target of the business is to make more sales by helping out with showing the products which is relevant to their previous and current purchase on Ecommerce store. Webenxs wcomm helps to promote famous products throughout the store where customer can get engaged. Prime place to display products promotion are home page slider, in products page, on checkout page and many more.

Shipping and Payment Gateway

Shipping the product is considered as challenging process for any ecommerce store owners. Delivering products safely to the right customer can be easy with wcomm Ecommerce Web Development. Store show the static of carries names, customer location, products current location and delivery status of the products.

It’s important to proved more than one shipping carrier option for customers on the online store. wcomm provide ability to add unlimited carries services which is available on region. Wcomm store will automatically or manually process the shipments and get notified on the shipping process.

Make visibility of products easier and provide an easier checkout process on online store. wcomm Ecommerce Website provides a prefect layout that provide a flawless purchasing experience to both new and returning customers. Wcomm is solely built to make a better purchasing experience for the customers.

Make availability of online stores shipment service worldwide and restrict the shipment to certain areas or regions. wcomm allows to specify the shipment location where to ship and deliver the products.

Provide package slips and printed invoices along with the packages. wcomm Ecommerce stores allows to generate invoices automatically when receive orders. Easily prints these slips and send along with the shipment

Declare tax rates by country and region. Webnexs wcomm allows put taxes accurately based on the total amount or individual products. Set online store to display with or without taxes on the proudest page. This lets the customers to know clearly that how much taxes are applied on their purchases.

Let the customer do a less complicated check out process which obviously increase the more sales on online store. wcomm allows customers to do a rapid checkout in a single page without refreshing the page. This fast check out process allows the customers to purchase even without registration.

Marketing and Analytics

Manage URL  Manage URL

Manage SEO friendly URLs and Make Ecommerce Store more SEO Friendly with SEO Friendly URL Generator

Manage SEO Keyword  Manage Keyword

Generate and Manage Relevant Search Keywords for Products Pages in Wcomm.

Manage Blog  Manage Blog

Create and manage Articles, News, Updates and lot more using built-In Blog of the Wcomm Ecommerce Website.


Depth Sales Report

Know about the complete 360° view on the online store sales report. Cut down and get the perfect picture of what’s happening on the online store. webnexs wcomm Ecommerce website Development Company provides the perfect detailed view on all the sales that happened on the online store..

Order Reports

Keep an eye on orders status by open orders, processed orders and shipped orders on ecommerce store. webnexs wcomm allows to view complete flow on order managements of online store.

Cart Conversions

Have a look at list of visitors who have been visited the products page and sort out the reason behind the why they left out without successfully purchasing the products. Analyzing the conversation rates helps the store to yield more sales.

Google Analytics

Opt-in to Google analytics to watch out the traffic behavior of the ecommerce website. Webnexs wcomm allows to view insight of stores by integrate Google analytical which helps to monitor each and every action of the store inside the stores admin panel.

SEO & Marketing

Sitemap Generator  Automatic Sitemap Generator

Sitemaps provides the insights of the stores structure to the search engine for indexing purpose. Webnexs wcomm Ecommerce Web Store has built-in sitemap generator which helps to generator sitemap.xml and update them on regular interval.

301 Redirects  301 Redirects

Route the traffic to different pages when discontinue a specific product in the store. Webnexs wcomm helps to redirect the traffic which visits pseudo page. Wcomm lets to Manage unlimited numbers of pages on 301 redirection list.

Meta Information  Meta Information

Proved a tiny information and hint about the ecommerce stores to the search engines through the Meta information. wcomm Ecommerce Website allows to declare meta information like meta and meta description which can be easily add, remove or modify anytime.

Heading Tags  Heading Tags

Heading provide a quick view about the products page for both the user and search engines. wcomm Stores helps to manage heading tags by letting to provide most relevant name for the product page those indexes on popular search engines.




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Really a powerful ecommerce

After I signed up for wcomm SMB plan and they provided my store up and running in just few days. I can now sell products easily in my store without any problem more easily. So if you planned to Create Ecommerce website for your small and medium business I would recommend you wcomm.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you Purchased SMB PRO plan you are Allowed to Sell your Product Anywhere around the World and we can assist you with integrating multiple currency and multiple regional languages for your store.

No, you do not need any Designing or Programming knowledge skill to run our Webnexs Wcomm Store. Everything in Designing and Programming are Done by our Specialized team who will Make Sure Customers can make Sales without Any Problem.

Yes you can Easily Manage your Orders Step by Step Manually in your Wcomm store. You can either Approve or Decline your customer’s Orders Effectively.

Yes you can integrate your Wcomm store with Social Media Account and you can allow your user to Login through their Existing Social Media Accounts.