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If you Purchased SMB PRO plan you are Allowed to Sell your Product Anywhere around the World and we can assist you with integrating multiple currency and multiple regional languages for your store.

No, you do not need any Designing or Programming knowledge to run the ecommerce store. Everything in Designing and Programming are Done by our Specialized team who will Make Sure Customers can make Sales without Any Problem.

Yes. Easily Manage your Orders manually with our ecommerce store development setup. You can either Approve or Decline your customer’s Orders Effectively.

Yes. Integrate your ecommerce website with Social Media Account and you can allow your user to Login through their Existing Social Media Accounts.

Your ecommerce store will work flawlessly with 30+ Payment Gateways including PayPal. COD and PayPal integration comes in default for any SMB Plans.

YAll our plans are perfectly based on Current Online Shopping trend. You should Choose Carefully which Plan is right for your Business. We would recommend you to Contact our Support Team who would briefly Explain About the best ecommerce website development Plans.

Yes, Drop shipping option can be made available to the users on demand. Drop shipping feature allows you to sell products without actually stocking or shipping products.

Sure you can add multi-languages and use GEO-ip based targeting on languages and currencies with the stores and our ecommerce development support 65+ Languages. It doesn't Matter where The Customers are from, you are free to manage them with their Local regional languages.

Our ecommerce store would require Nginxs, MySQL 5.0+, Apache 2.X, PHP 5.2+, Apache 1.3 installed along with created Database and FTP or SSH access.

Your Ecommerce store can help you to manage coupons codes inside the Shop. Create, apply restrict the coupon codes based on the total number of Usages, Location, or the Customer Group, and as well delete the Coupon Codes on the Store.

Undoubtedly Yes! All our ecommerce stores are 100% optimized for Search Engines. Your store will be easily indicated at the top results of all major Search Engines. Without any trouble you can manage all the SEO aspects of your store.

Yes SH Plans Support CMS on your Ecommerce Store. You can Easily Create, Edit or Manage your CMS within your Admin Panel.

It’s depends upon your store’s load and the performance you needed for the online business. You can contact our support team for the better advice on hosting plans and its cost.

Yes you can manage your list of subscribers easily within the store with SMB plans. Add, edit, categorize, import and export yours subscribers easily with ecommerce website.

The scripts following ecommerce store follow strict coding standards which makes it highly secured. The passwords are managed in the database in MD5 hash algorithm. More over some minor but Powerful Protection like IP Restriction, Files and Directory Permission, security Tokens and many more.

Your are Restricted to Sell Products like Smuggled Goods, Pirated Digital files, Drugs, and the Products which are Banned or found Offensive by your Local Regional Laws. Webnexs Widely Supports Jurisdiction Laws of around the world. Consider Contacting a Legal Adviser about your Ecommerce Store before Creating One.

With SMB, you can setup any kind of Ecommerce store. Fashion, Grocery, Electronics, Sports, Food, Jewellery, furniture’s and any other category can be added here.

You can add unlimited number of products to the store. To say, you can add 10k Products in a shared Server and as far as a million products on a 32 GB server. Codes perform the same.

The store allows you to upload unlimited number of images to it. Each product can have as many images in different angles as you love them to showcase to your customers.

No, there are no limitations that is limited by our ecommerce development process to the products that you can upload. You can upload the products without any limitations.

Yes, we do ecommerce website development with focus on managing attributes of the product. You can add as many attributes to the product at anytime you would need.

Yes, it is possible to set an alert for the low stock products. If the product goes beyond the minimum or certain assigned number, you will receive a notification message via email.

Once a product goes out of stock, you can manage them by deciding whether the product should be shown on the store or not. You can also set whether to accept or deny orders for those products.

Yes it is possible to assign special price for a specific product. You can assign specials offer for your customer based on their group, region, or currency. You can even set special price to products on special occasions or festival seasons.

Yes you can sell both digital and virtual products on your store. You can upload the images of products to the store, give a detailed description about the product and provide datasheet.

Yes you can sell subscription based products on daily or weekly or monthly basis. Once a customer subscribes any of your products from the online store, you can sell them the subscribed product on time basis according to their subscription.

Yes, you can set the maximum number of product downloads per user with the special feature developed and integrated in the process of ecommerce store development. You can also restrict or control the number of times an item can be available to a customer after a successful download.

You can upload as many as products in your server through your ecommerce store, depending upon your server capacity. The server allows you to add as far as a million products on a 32 GB server, but have it take into consideration of the visitors count as well.

You can process more number of products per day. There are no limitations for it. If you are fast enough to tackle your customers, you can process up t0 30 to 40 products per minute.

Yes, a product can be a combination of several products, our ecommerce developmental effects you to manage them in a single interface. You can set the combination of two or more products and sell them on your store. For instance, if you are selling mobile phones, you can make mobile phone & phone cover as a combination and sell them on your store.

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Shipping the product is a challenging process for
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Host your Ecommerce
Website on Cloud

Either in Amazon web services or Webnexs Virtual Servers.

Amazon Web Service

Host your Ecommerce Website in ever
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webnexs VPS

Host with webnexs VPS for as less as USD 112/Year.

Marketing & Automation

Emails, SMS, Customer Reviews, Pop-ups made easier.

Marketing Automation feature is a real time Digital marketing action that is well suited for the site. This advanced feature in the website helps to reduce shopping cart abandonment, run marketing campaign and automatically promotes offers to targets based on rules and many more. Marketing automation helps to increase operational efficiency and grow revenue faster.

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