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If you Purchased SMB PRO plan you are Allowed to Sell your Product Anywhere around the World and we can assist you with integrating multiple currency and multiple regional languages for your store.

No, you do not need any Designing or Programming knowledge skill to run our Webnexs Wcomm Store. Everything in Designing and Programming are Done by our Specialized team who will Make Sure Customers can make Sales without Any Problem.

Yes you can Easily Manage your Orders Step by Step Manually in your Wcomm store. You can either Approve or Decline your customer’s Orders Effectively.

Yes you can integrate your Wcomm store with Social Media Account and you can allow your user to Login through their Existing Social Media Accounts.

Your Webnexs Wcomm store will work flawlessly with 30+ Payment Gateways including PayPal. COD and PayPal integration comes in default for any SMB Plans.

YAll our plans are perfectly based on Current Online Shopping trend. You should Choose Carefully which Plan is right for your Business. We would recommend you to Contact our Support Team who would briefly Explain About the best Wcomm Plans.

Drop shipping option is available to the user who purchased SMB Pro Plan. Drop shipping feature allows you to sell products without actually stocking or shipping products.

Sure, Wcomm stores Support 65+ Languages. It doesn't Matter where The Customers are from, you are free to manage them with their Local regional languages.

Your Wcomm Store Hosting Server must have Apache 1.3, Apache 2.X, Nginx, PHP 5.2+, MySQL 5.0+ installed with Database Created, SSH or FTP access.

Yes, Wcomm lets to manage coupons codes inside the Shop. wcomm lets you to create, apply restrict to the coupon codes based on the total number of Usages, Location, or the Customer Group, and Delete the Coupon Codes on the Store.

Yes every Wcomm Store is 100% Search Engine Optimized. Your Store will be Easily Indexed by Popular Search Engines. With Webnexs wcomm helps you to manage the SEO aspect of the store easily.

Yes SH Plans Support CMS on your Ecommerce Store. You can Easily Create, Edit or Manage your CMS within your Admin Panel.

It’s depends upon your store’s load and the performance you needed for the online business. You can contact our support team for the better advice on hosting plans and its cost.

Yes you can manage your list of subscribers easily within the store with SMB plans. Add, edit, categorize, import and export yours subscribers easily with Wcomm.

The scripts following wcomm store follow strict coding standards which makes it highly secured. The passwords are managed in the database in MD5 hash algorithm. More over some minor but Powerful Protection like IP Restriction, Files and Directory Permission, security Tokens and many more.

Your are Restricted to Sell Products like Smuggled Goods, Pirated Digital files, Drugs, and the Products which are Banned or found Offensive by your Local Regional Laws. Webnexs Widely Supports Jurisdiction Laws of around the world. Consider Contacting a Legal Adviser about your Ecommerce Store before Creating One.

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Popular Payment Gateways


Marketing channels support

Single Products

Webnexs Ecommerce Store lets to add, edit and modify unlimited products on the online store. Keep adding new products without any restriction on the store

Declare the type of product, assign name to the product and create reference code, barcode types like EAN-13 or JAN or UPC, visibility of products on the store, current condition of the product, shot and detailed descriptions of products and tags.

Webnexs store allows creating and modifying SEO Meta information like Meta tags and Meta descriptions for better visibility on popular search engine like Google, Bing and yahoo for indexing.

webnexs store lets to mention package’s height, depth, weight and provides a chance to the customer to choose the carriers.

Bundled Products

Bundled products package helps the customers by saving price on the individual products and also provides a greater hike towards overall product sales.

Let the customer to know about the list of contents in the bundled package on store. Display the total items on the bundled pack, quantity of each items, price of individual items and many more.

The bundle products are famous for providing fair and attractive discounts that encourages the customer to buy bundled packs than regular individual packs. We allow applying special discounts for these bundled packs.

Declare a clear cost of each product. Webnexs allows to set tax rules based on the region, declare specific price of each product based on user groups, set various combination of available dates on the project.

Create a collection of two or more products. Select a perfect combination of bundled products. Provide information like list of products in pack, name of the bundle, reference ID and many more.

Downloadable Products

Digital products feature allows downloading products Easily after the purchase. Digital products feature let’s to sell virtual products like eBooks, Images, music and many more.

Restrict the access to the digital files based on trial period. The store cease access not only based on Total No. of downloads, Expiration Dates for the digital files but also by number of days.

Apply restriction on how many times a product can be downloaded after the successful purchase of the product from the store.

Make the products availability between certain time period. Webnexs store allows setting up the limitation by declaring the expiration date to the digital products.

Never host the files on third party location other than store’s own server. Whether it’s an eBook or music Files or Images. We allow hosting the store’s digital products securely on the store’s server.

Order Messages

Once the order is placed, a confirmation message will be sent directly to the customers to notify about Order details.

Get the status of the products. Know about the exact status of the product like weather it is shipped or not, where it has reached, when it will be delivered, etc.

Manage Customer Products which are returned back. And provide the customer with a proper refund, repair, or replacement within the warranty period of the product.

Order details provides clear information about the order like the number of products ordered from the store, total count , deliver date and more


Price Rule

Pay for itself with one saved invoice


Selling multiple products as a bundled package is a brilliant idea. Bundled
products package helps the customers by save price.

Our store shows the static of carries names, customer location, products current location and delivery status of the products.

Make availability of online stores shipment service worldwide and restrict the shipment towards certain areas or regions

Choose the right shipping partner and deliver the products to the customers on right time.


Get adaptability for your store based on the regions

Take the products worldwide and start selling it globally. Widen the targeting location, sell the products and get revenue from it.

Have a store with multi language option to get customers from around the globe. Help the customer to understand better while purchasing.

Set the time for the products to be displayed for different countries according to their time zone.

No matter the type of currency the customer choose to go with. The variance in the currencies can be automatically calculated by the store.

Declare tax rates by country and region. Set online store to display with or without taxes on the product page. This lets the customers to know clearly that how much taxes are applied on their purchases.


Never get confused while managing stores. Make sure that both admin and vendors can handle complicated managements in simpler ways.

Change the store setting type according to the convenience. Change the front office security type, HTML purifier library, iframes on HTML and more.

Check the order process type. Set the minimum purchase amount required in order to validate the order, check the delayed shipping details, terms of service and more.

View the general details about the products. Manage the catalog mode, product redirection after adding it to the cart, Friendly URL, description, quantity of discount and more.

View and edit the general details of the customers. Check the registration process type, set the phone number option, send email confirmation after registration, enable newsletter registration, etc.

Webnexs provides powerful SEO tool to make website more search engine friendly. Add URLs to make the website reach every online users.

User friendly designed Content Management System. Manage the website design and edit the contents from the website with ease.

Know the details of the of the product suppliers.

During maintenance mode, the store will be in a short break. Manage the products from the store.

Information about the online store will be provided for the customer to know more details about the store. Get the Geolocation details with the help of the IP address.

Administration & Stats

View the statics of the store. Maintain all the details of the store a customers and view the statics report of the store.

Customers & Reviews

Really a powerful ecommerce

After I signed up for wcomm SMB plan and they provided my store up and running in just few days. I can now sell products easily in my store without any problem more easily. So if you planned to Create Ecommerce website for your small and medium business I would recommend you wcomm.