Why webnexs VOD?

It is developed with all the functionalities needed for maximum flexibility and scalability for Educational Institutes, Advertising Agencies, Traditional Broadcasters, publishers and copyright holder.

webnexs VOD

Types of Video On Demand

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Transactional video on demand (TVOD) is a delivery system for customers who pay only for the content they want

Catch-up TV

Catch-up TV

Catch-up TV allows audience to enjoy content at their own lesuirely time after original broadcast. This facilitates audience to watch a program when they get free time.

Subscription Models

Subscription Models

A subscribtion based model that charges the consumer every month/year for unlited access to rich content. A few well known VOD providers are Amazon Video, Netflix, HBO, etc.

Near Video On Demand


A type of pay television service that allows viewers to play content for viewing even after the content streaming has started originally in television, allowing users to see the video from start. This cant be done after the end of the program.

Push video on demand

Push Video On Demand

Push Video on demand allows content providers to "push" content onto viewer's set-top box even though the viewer hasn't requested the content.

Advertising video on demand

Advertising Video On Demand

Advertising video on demand is a VOD technique that Uses the advertising-based revenue model where the publicier broadcast the content with ads to people.

What Webnexs Can Do for Your Industry?

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Features of webnexs VOD

Built to play adaptively on the screens of users on Android, iOS, web applications. Saves potentially a huge server bandwidth and responds to users device connection speeds automatically.

Enable adaptive playback

Video on Demand supports playback on almost any devices. You can stream contents to your audience in any medium from one source file secured via DRM.webnexs vod provide same interface for the application throughout the devices.

Multi Device Support

Scale up to virtually unlimited size with multi-server installations. Using our Media Cache kit to securely capture content from centralized storage to edge servers.

Scale VOD Streaming

Protect your content from piracy and denial of sevice attack by using state of the art security measures like HLS AES-128 encryption, RTMP stream encryption and DRM copy right protection.

Secure you content

webnexs video on demand allows Server-Side Playlist functionality to easily create Mobile TV, WebTV or IPTV/OTT Linear streaming channels. Our VOD Service allows switch broadcast to create a playlist featuring their favorite recorded streams one by one.

Create VOD Playlists

Benefits of webnexs VOD

Reduce operating cost while expanding the multimedia capacity of global market reach, reduces server bandwidth, load from the server and focus on the core of the business without bigger infrastructure overhead.
Never worry about the increasing number of viewers since we have the ability to accommadate any number of simultaneous viewers without changing the current infrastructure.
It is a user friendly platform with no coding skill required to publish content and most of the tasks is done automatically
Our solution helps you to increase loyalty among your viewers by maximizing user engagment and content viewing time thereby increasing revenue
Benefits of webnexs VOD

Stream Audio & Video Like Hotstar with Webnexs Video on Demand Solutions

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Deliver content the right way

webnexs VOD platforms provides cloud services that enable any enterprises to delivery their content is most secured way. We provide high performance user experience on any smart phones on any location. We provide the content through one of the most qualified provides of CDN solution in world.

Deliver Your Content in Right Way

webnexs vod Features

Our Features

Increase revenue by selling top services Video on Demand CDN services directly to content Owners.

webnexs VOD reduces the complexity with licensed and managed VoD CDN solutions.

VOD Provides improved user experience by accelerating web content and delivery of video to any devices.

High-End Security with solutions that saves against hijackers attacks like CDN DDoS attacks and other threats.

Webnexs Provides VoD CDN and CDN Streaming server technology in a highly scalable and turnkey software-as-a-service(SaaS) solution. This enables administrations to reduce deployment time and significantly reduce cost of developing and delivering the VOD CDN infrastructure.

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