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Webnexs VOD is the leading all-in-one video on demand platform provider that helps you create your own VOD platform to increase 5x revenue.

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Why Choose Webnexs VOD Platform Software?

Webnexs VOD is an all-in-one fully managed Video On Demand and Live Streaming Solution that provides a white label solution to stream your audio content to every device. Webnexs VOD adopts monetization models - SVOD, TVOD, AVOD, and Pay-Per-View.

It helps every aspect of your VOD services includes setting up, hosting, and control your IT infrastructure, providing a comprehensive VOD platform service with features like video content management, an HTML5-based online video player, DRM solutions, transcoding/encoding servers, subscriber management, billing functionalities, user management, reporting and analytics, as well as the development, management, and hosting of websites and mobile and TV apps.

VOD Solutions for Complete
Streaming Experience

OTT platform

OTT Platform

As a trends and technology grows you can now stream your content any platforms like Netflix, Amazon firestick,chromcast and more devices

Explore OTT Platform

Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Stream Live From Anywhere With trustworthy Live Streaming Platform. Connect with the audience through chats and Q&A.

Explore Live Streaming

Audio/Video Streaming

Audio/Video Streaming

A Leading VOD platform offers a complete audio streaming platform helping OTT needs of many industries via On-Demand, Live Streaming and online store.

Explore Video Streaming

Discover Why Over 100+ VOD Brands
and Content Owners Trust Us

Features of Scale in VOD Platforms
with High-End Usability!

  • Easily Add Content Partners: Easily integrate a content partner portal to onboard collaborators and boost revenue streams.
  • Full Control Over Third-Party Content: Manage permissions and regulate performance for third-party content with ease.
  • Leverage Subscriptions: Offer subscriptions to maximize the benefits of the partner portal. 

  • Live to VOD Conversion: Easily convert live streams into Video on Demand (VOD) content for future use.
  • Preserve Live Broadcasts: Ensure that valuable live broadcasts are archived and accessible for later viewing.
  • Create Content Records: Help broadcasters build a comprehensive archive of their content for reference and reuse.

  • CDN Efficiency: Serve web content efficiently using a Content Delivery Network (CDN) and increase content delivery speed.
  • Geographical Distribution: Distribute Video on Demand (VOD) content across different locations by fragmenting it with a robust video CDN.

Experience The Incredible Benefits
Of Webnexs VOD Platforms

Explore video on demand platform with Webnexs VOD and see how
these amazing benefits can maximize your revenue potential

  • Own complete platform control
  • 100% customizable streaming platforms
  • Microservices powered VOD for scalability
  • Featuring Js to Improve page load time
  • Web & 4+Apps to bring you anywhere
  • 300+ features & 4+ revenue models
  • Dedicated Designer & development Team
  • Product support & Maintenance

Over 220+ Customer Succeed with
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Advanced VOD App Features
For VOD Platforms


Earn users to record and manage their favorite videos in custom watchlists for session watching.

Offline streaming

Users can love their favourite videos even in an offline mode by downloading or saving video content directly to their devices over the web.

Native App

It is designed to offer a seamless and immersive viewing experience, tailored specifically for each operating system.

In-app Purchase 

Use Webnexs VOD platform to launch video on demand apps on various devices, allowing subscriptions and payments within the app.

Make VOD App - Build Your Own
Video On Demand Platform Services

Customized Video Player

Get your tailor-made 'On Demand & Live Streaming VOD Solution' with our customized player.

Adaptive Bitrate

Improves the client's performance by streaming video with multiple bitrates.

Catch-Up TV

This feature allows viewers to download and watch their favorite shows online for a limited time at reduced rates.

Content Security

Protect your content from piracy of service attacks by HLS AES-128, RTMP, and DRM copyright protection.

Auto Play

Video will play automatically without the need for action from the user.

Custom Playlist

Webnexs VOD allows the platform's audience to create shelves to treasure their favorite videos.

Multi-Device Support

stream content to your audience in any medium from one source file secured via DRM.


Hasslefree Playing

Get a pleasant and hassle-free video watching experience.

Picture in Picture

This mode permits your viewers to navigate without stopping the playback of their video.

Video Monetization Models For Your
VOD Platform

Transactional Model (TVOD)

Audiences pay only for the content they watch using Electronic Sell Through (EST) or Download To Rent (DTR). Viewers can have permanent access to the content by using EST or can view the content for a limited period by adopting the DTR method.


Subscription Model (SVOD)

In this model, you have to pay a fee for each show you want to watch on the desired channel. This model sets in value for individual contents. The user can set different values for subscribers and non-subscribers.

Pay Per View (PPV)

In this model, you have to pay a fee for each show you want to watch on the desired channel. This model sets in value for individual contents. The user can set different values for subscribers and non-subscribers.


Advertisement Model (AVOD)

Just like your traditional television, Webnexs VOD interlaces advertisements into the content. In most cases, Users can insert ads into the content pre/mid/post-roll. Users can also pay a pre-specified amount to avoid disruptions while viewing the video.

Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI)

Integrate ads and video into a single stream with SSAI to effortlessly bypass ad blockers. By combining ads with video content at the CMS level, SSAI eliminates ad block requests to external servers.


Boost Your Growth with a VOD
Marketing Tool

Recommendation Engine

Deliver personalized content suggestions based on viewer preferences and behavior, ensuring a tailored experience for every user.

Built-in SEO Tools

Optimize your content for search engines, improve your rankings, and attract more viewers to your platform effortlessly.

Your Own Domain

Our platform allows you to use your unique domain name, giving your VOD service a professional and personalized touch.

Social Media Integration

Share your content across various social channels, engage with your audience, and build a loyal community around your brand.

Marketing Integration

It supports various marketing tools to help you connect with your audience and grow your subscriber base.

Multiple Logins

Allow your audience to upload, share, and interact with content on your platform, increasing engagement and building a dynamic user base.

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