Customers profile is an extremely popular halwa selling store from Chennai, serving their products worldwide.

Business Situation

Their ecommerce store had some technical hindrances which made a down swing of their online business then. In order to sort out these issues & stimulate sales, decided to associate with us for resolving their queries such as recovering the abandoned cart, developing a mobile application & to amplify the generation of sales & revenue of their online ecommerce store

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We solved their issues, & also refined their website by adding features like coupon expansion button, shipment availability checking, shipment tracking, mobile view & ipad view optimizations, & UI/UX interface enhancement…etc.

We made our efforts to balance the traditional look of the website with new era customer’s experience (CX).

We also assisted them to get more traffic to the website with our email marketing & social media marketing services.

client support
client support

Impact on the business

The cart abandon rate is considerably reduced & also they experienced a good surge in their online business, their sales increased thrice the usual.

Our marketing services lead them to turn into a recognized brand, this had a positive impact on offline sale as well, the number of customers got growing daily and the variety of sweets & savories kept adding to their menu.

Liked the way we delivered our experiences for halwakadai

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