How we held to build kouponer a daily deal site

Behind the scene of building Kouponer

Why they choose webnexs wcomm ecommerce platform for their daily deal store?

Kouponer a largest online store in Bahrain came to webnexs wcomm build a deal based store which should available throughout the world with multi-language and multi-currency support. Look how we helped Kouponer to reach their new goal through webnexs.



Although Kouponer had a established store up and running, current frame design does not support for the newest upcoming features. Wcomm developers developed a wireframe that met the current technical requirement and built each section as completely individual part.

Template Design

Kouponer a deal based store needed unique templates design where it can showcase thousands of products with the discounted deals perfectly to the customers. Wcomm created a beautiful theme and fulfilled the necessity.



Kouponer need a upgraded technology where it can manage complex system of deal and coupon management in store in dynamically. Wcomm is built with top notching technologies like core PHP 5 and with LAMP Stack. With these technologies Kouponer has achieved its required flexibility and scalability of its store.


Kouponer has users around the GCC and their older store has already been stocked with thousands of product. They purely needed powerful database storage system that would hold any amount of users and products information.

Deal Management

Kouponer a daily deal store that need to provide day-to-day discounts. Webnexs wcomm deal management module helps to configure online shop to display hot deals on products in more desirable way.

Criteria Based Deals

Kouponer an international daily deal store that need to specify the deals to the customers based on their region, customers and their user groups. Webnexs wcomm provided a perfect solution by triggering the deal only if the customer purchases using certain currency types or regions or user groups.

Deal Triggering Point

Kouponer needs to provide deals to the store owners only when the customer orders products more than a certain price level. Wcomm ecommerce stores allow to set deals to trigger only when they purchase more than certain units of products counts.

Eye catching countdown timers

Kouponer needs to notify their customers about the current deal status and the time when the deal ends. Wcomm deal management module has a beautiful countdown timers that notify the customers when will be the current deals ends.


Flow optimization

Building a basic wireframe structure for Kouponer is not enough to increase its conversion rate. Hence webnexs wcomm has to build a unique pipeline system that would lead their customer to purchase the product without any problem.

Mobile optimization

We made sure that Kouponer has to be smart phone and tablet friendly as it don’t want to miss 45% of visitor who visits through mobile devices. Wcomm developers have been developed templates that will be mobile friendly across various medium. This make sure that Kouponer wont miss their mobile based customer.


Meta Information

Wcomm developers provided a path for Kouponer to shine among popular search engine indexes. With modifying Meta information like Meta title, Meta tags and meta descriptions for each products pages individually Kouponer products can be indexed easily.

Email marketing

Kouponer needs to send promotional email about its awesome deals and coupons codes on a regular interval. With webnexs wtemplates Kouponer could selected 60+ per designed email templates that is tested with 100+ devices globally. Wtemplates allowed Kouponer to send predesigned templates instantly which can increase the conversion rate easily.


Webnexs wcomm allowed Kouponer to rebuild their daily deal store with more awesome features. With wcomm we reached the Kouponer requirement without any problem.

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