Customer Profile

Cask88 is a prominent ecommerce based
beverage industry in the UK, now serving all over the world.

Business Situation

Cask88 found it difficult to level up their business, they really had a rough period in their progress. To give a solution to all of these we have to teamed up and elevate their business.

Their requirements were to have an increased organic search, optimizing website in terms of & flow, as well as mobile & web design.


We planned to sort out the technical hindrance that restricted the website from reaching more audiences. The website was enriched with our search engine optimization service which includes keywords positions increase, overall gain in visibility for the business. The UX of the website has also been enhanced that led to have their flow optimised as well. The website was tailored to perfect the mobile based customers and this lead thier mobile visitors to scale up by 67%, that is the mobile responsiveness of the website is increased further.

The website was designed to suite the theme of thier logo, giving overall a brand appeal with more classical design templates than trendy ones. The page load speed was also optimized reducing the page load time to a considerable extent making the website more user friendly.

Impact on business

The website traffic & number of customers was increased in organic means i.e. the organic reach of the website is increased, there was about 27.91 percent hike in the organic reach from the normal The overall visibilty of website has seen an improvement to 30% from the 12% mark, in under 1 year.

There was an increase in number of mobile based customers as the result of making the website more mobile responsive, meanwhile the page load speed was reduced as the result of page speed optimizion.

Liked the way we delivered our experiences for Cask88