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Why You Should Hire Webnexs Ecommerce Project Manager For Your Next Project?

Having understood the knack of operations of various ecommerce businesses globally and having managed several business, technically and non- technically, our PM’s are best fit non working for progresses carving our plans that your organisation needs to progress.

Our Dedicated Web Project Managers have wide knowledge in

  • Agile and Scrum Software’s.
  • Six Sigma Knacks.
  • People Management.
  • Project Management.
  • Business Processes (Technical)

What Projects made us so far to take on your business Management?

We have worked on several ecommerce projects which are over 8000,000 USD revenue annually and has comprehensively produced results in SEO, Website Management, new technology implementations, server management, planning on business progress pro-active.

We always place our goals on your success in monetary terms and plan exhaustively to save money and bring in returns through every possible means.

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whisky Foundation
consulting Warehouse

Webnexs Web Projects Clients Reviews


Steven Scheidecker

President at ignition advertising

Your Team is perfect, love that, unlike every other teams, I just get the
deliveries on time and you guys drive the business perfect.

It is no brainer for me to express my experience with Webnexs. I'm very surprised and disappointed with myself for haven't ask for the opportunity to share my experience with the public.

I run several ecommerce businesses and like many of you out there might have known, finding a respectable company that is genuinely ready and determine to make you succeed is hard to find. Over the years I have dealt with so many and it's all about disappointment. They are mostly costly, wouldn't deliver at a reasonable time and wouldn't deliver what they promised.
I was so frustrated until someone introduce me to this great company (Webnexs) For the first week of our meetings, they were so much concern and try to figure out what the situation of my projects is at that moment and what was my vision and goals. They were very patient to understand this concept which is the foundation for the success of my business today.
You don't have to take my world for it, you just have to give them chance and try them out.

I have a team working really hard every day to keep my success going I know who is working on what at all time. They are very accessible and very thorough at what they do. I don't know what would have happened if I haven't met them because I was already on my way out of business but Webnexs kept me in.


Ola Omotayo

Independent Consultant