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We power up videos for Large Media Companies, Enterprises and Popular Education
Institutions with its awesome features.

Features Of wplayer Live
streaming solution

Unlimited sources

Live Streaming Solutions allows you to add multiple live Sources, Graphics, Audios, pre - Recorded Contents, Computer Screens, web sources and many more.

Live Streaming Solutions has features of much expressive hardware inbuilt in it. You literally own more flexible and durable hardware in the form of portable mobile application at 1/10th of the cost.

Integrate other information

Keep informing your viewers about current situation of the events through customizable GUI Statistics. Viewer doesn’t have to miss anything about your live broadcast.

Easy to Use

Live Video Service built to make sure that it should be user friendly for the viewers of all age. Operating wplayer Live Streaming is 100% easy to use and understandable.

Unique interface

Build a live streaming less complicated is important. No matter if the broadcast is seen from a table or Smartphone, the application built in the way that it will hold the interface of the application same between all devices.

What Our Customers Say

Ultimately It’s the customer Service and their feedback is important to us. Starting with simple Contact Over mail.

Webnexs offers and continually implores options to provide the best solution on Ecommerce, Video ( VOD & Live Streaming ) and Ride Hailing + Tracking.

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