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Live Streaming

wplayer Live Streaming Solution fully supports HD (High Definition) Adaptive Bitrate live video with awesome streaming capabilities, one can up and run their live streaming channel in mobile without any problem. wplayer Live streaming Solution provide perfect enjoyment of high-quality video content for the customer on their go.


Keep increasing your viewers and take the service to next level. Today many church uses wplayer to broadcast their popular and holy services. Moreover church uses wplayer for streaming special events like baptisms, weddings, confirmation and many more.

wplayer for House of Worship

Let your popular events get telecasted on web and meet ever increasing fans for web entertainment. From Music, sports and interviews to popular documentaries, comedy and more, wplayer allows to capture quickly and easily, either by live or pre-recorded videos, Audios Music and other media. Broadcast the events in real time professionally.

wplayer for Live events

Live broadcast awesome sports and news through mobile application. wplayer allows integrating scoreboards and web streams in very flexible Way. wplayer is the ideal solution for capturing live sports and news.

wplayer for Live Sports

Educate and train people through web using wplayer. Stream lectures, tutorials and other popular school events worldwide. wplayer acts as teaching tools for video production courses, creating student-run live shows and other schools sports events.

wplayer for Education

Telecast the Game Play for your Worldwide Fans. wplayer allows to broadcast your game plays through out the web, Hence your beloved followers can watch you play on their go. Stream game plays with high quality online games from your computers screens in full High Definition at 60 FPS.

wplayer for game streaming

Other Inbuilt Features

Other Inbuilt Features

Advertising, analytics and quality monitoring

Provide a live streaming application with full featured awesome experiences. wplayer customized application developed with features of monetizing, measuring the performance with real-time analytics like viewers counts and error monitoring.

Features of wplayer Live streaming solution

wplayer Live Video Service allows you to add multiple live Sources, Graphics, Audios, pre - Recorded Contents, Computer Screens, web sources and many more.

wplayer live application development has features of much expressive hardware inbuilt in it. You literally own more flexible and durable hardware in the form of portable mobile application at 1/10th of the cost.

Keep informing your viewers about current situation of the events through customizable GUI Statistics. Viewer doesn’t have to miss anything about your live broadcast.

wplayer Live streaming application built to make sure that it should be user friendly for the viewers of all age. Operating wplayer Live Streaming is 100% easy to use and understandable.

Build a live streaming application less complicated is important. No matter if the broadcast is seen from a table or Smartphone, the application built in the way that it will hold the interface of the application same between all devices.

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