Customer Profile

Dekanta is one of the tier 1 ecommerce beverage company
out of Japan serving customers worldwide.

Business Situation

Dekanta was having a talk to elevate their website & their business to the next level, build intranet solutions, put in SEO strategies and designs.

They proposed us some certain demands such as optimization of organic search, speed optimization &mobile friendliness, implementation of shipment tracking software, optimization of data & website designs etc.


A successful website loaded with few features, security measures, speed optimisation really brought in a lot of improvement to the website. The speed optimization improved the sales to a resonable margin, which can translate into 27% increase compared to the same period the last month.Two new master pages (product & category page) were developed which will have a lot of sub category pages inside them & str data errors are rectified.

Impact on business

Average page loading time is minimised, organic reach of the website increased by 22 percent & the page got ranked higher in the search in page with the implementation of 8k keywords in the website.

Liked the way we delivered our experiences for Dekanta