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Paying attention on delivering more dynamic solutions and support for the clients with quick turnaround time. Webnexs client support is distinctively unique and offer special support to each client on their needs. Each day, at Webnexs, we attentively plan to widen the relationship with our clients by contributing support and taking care of their primary needs.

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We support you, Everywhere!
client support
Knowledge Base

By understanding and analyzing client's need for using products, knowledge base acts as a way to communicate and in anticipation towards the most common problems, we’ve formulated a quick and easy way to get to solutions easier. Webnexs provide free access to clients, so they don't need to contact the help desk or customer support for
simple queries.

Text Support

We always innovate to offer the best support to the clients. With ever increasing demands met by our clients, it is necessary for a support engineer to back them up as soon as possible, when our clients demand at their hour of necessities.

client support
client support
Skype Support

Most times, it is much important that we should be taking on a call, share our screens ( we use, Assist - a private software for screen sharing and chat while in screen-share sessions) provide solutions to the problems of our clients. When our clients are on skype, we would be present there to make sure we put our line direct to the place where our
client is present.

Slack Support

Slack Support is also provided by Webnexs for their clients. slack is already an internal communication backbone for our teams and for clients through their slack. Slack groups are created for clients to access the tools and information's needed by them. Documents, files can be shared and Text chatting can also be made here according to clients requirements.

client support
client support
Email Support

A major client service support is Email Support. Maximum of clients at webnexs gets their requirements solved via emails. Webnexs present 24*7* hours sales and support through Email. We also send follow up emails to make sure the clients have a clear idea and resolve their specific problems.

Basecamp Support

Webnexs has this premium software made available to the clients and make them to communicate directly with the Sales, Designing, Developing and Marketing Teams. Client can assign and schedule To-do tasks, do a campfire for group chatting, docs and files sharing, Message Boards, Check-ins details, Email Forwards etc. You can also reach out to working teams directly without having to worry
on the process.

client support
client support
Team Viewer/ Anydesk

Technical Support is given for the clients via Team Viewer/ Assist. Clients can request for a teamviewer/anydesk support and our development team are likely to resolve the technical issues at a rapid, effective, friendly and supportive manner.

Live Chat

Webnexs has got live chat support for the clients to engage customers rapidly to get instant replies. Live Chat Support dialog box is present in Our website that enable clients to communicate directly with our team for sales queries by providing one-on-One chat session also.

client support
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