Category Landing Pages

You are able to effortlessly build category landing pages to your site via static block tools also customize it according to your personal requirements.

Sell Any Products

Trade your products exactly from your home or else anyplace with our convenient eCommerce websites & extend to millions of customers.


Highlight, endorse or register new products or individual offers on your store and seek customer’s notice by utilizing product labels.

Recently Viewed Products

Provides the facility to examine up-sell or cross-promote freshly viewed products by the customers between their browsing sessions.


Strengthen the control of social feature to share customer’s shopping cart using social media or else bookmark products intended for later purchase.

Unlimited Categories

Include boundless categories, sub-categories or product characteristics flawlessly to sell numerous products of several variety or quantity.

Mega Menu

Easy to use, extremely customizable, Mega Menu through dropdown variations in order to assist your shoppers finds products easily as well as quickly.


Search engine optimized product pages together with Meta tags, Meta titles and URL handles to assist potential consumers find your store with no trouble.

Fully Responsive

Completely responsive themes along with ‘fit-all-screen’ allow consumers to purchase from your store using mobile phones or tablets.

Unlimited Products

Comes along with unlimited products, specifications, features, product images and numerous custom options.

Filter Products

Boost conversions by means of better shopping experience via product filtering based on categories, price range along with net weight.

Top-Rated Products Widget

Demonstrate the top rated products that are well-liked among the buyers and listing them out on the basis of ratings given by the customers.

Related Products Widget

Exhibit the related or suggested products on the category, product, as well as shopping cart pages using the order and page view data.

New Products Widget

Allow to view, highlight or promote new products in your online store using New from Date and New to Date attributes.

Most Viewed Products Widget

Highlight, endorse or register new products or individual offers on your store and seek customer’s notice by utilizing product labels.

Best / Top Sellers Widget

Display your best and top sellers of the products on several pages on the store by automatic or else manually adding functionality.

Cross-Sell on Product Pages

Cross-sell, up-sell, also cross-promote random products on the front-end product pages by simply adding personalized recommendations.

Product Weight Comparison

Allow consumer to compare products based on brand, quantity and other aspects in a more efficient manner without page reload.

Reorder Products

Allowing customers to quickly and easily reorder previously purchased products and make changes as per their convenience and comfort.

Coupon Codes

Effortlessly produce different coupon codes for discounts, freebies, special offers on the basis of shopping cart price rules for orders.


Utilize shortcode integration to insert products, images or layout blocks within the backend using custom codings.

Promotional Banners

Put promotional sign on home page, category pages also on customer’s path to reach checkout by helping them buy further.

Ad Rotations

Display several posters with rotate characteristic to enhance your sales opportunity with 360 degree product viewer rotation by means of static blocks.

Add to Wishlist

Putting products to Wishlist excluding page reload with just a drag and drop feature in a more engaging and user-friendly manner.

Multi-Wishlist Option

Include unlimited number of Wishlist through advanced features to allow customer copy or even move products between Wishlist for later use.

Different Portfolio Views

Flawlessly organize the products in several views like list view, grid view with varying color as well as size for different portfolio views.

Customizable Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs attribute facilitates user to navigate your store more efficiently, you can also have additional custom breadcrumbs if necessary.

Multi-Language Support

Multilingual functionality supports several languages on your store and broadens the reach of products to international audience.

Newsletter Management

Find out the power of emails by facilitating newsletter subscription feature also connect to subscribers through email marketing.

Live Chat Feature

The live chat functionality performs as a help desk to answer your customer’s inquiry and keep them browse the store to save the deal.

HTML Enriched Descriptions

Create distinctive product description to be displayed in the product page to offer customers a better thought about the product.

SEO friendly URLs

Facilitate search engine friendly URLs to modify the URL structure on the basis of your keywords focused on driving targeted traffic.

Google Analytics Integration

Integrated with Google Analytics to keep track on sales and increase insights through in-depth reporting feature to boost revenue.

Send to a Friend with Email

Set email a friend preference that let customers to share individual or numerous products link when they are logged in to the account.

Payment Gateway

From PayPal to Billdesk, we support 21+ Indian payment gateway integrations for easy transactions of your eCommerce shop.

Pay-Pal Integration

Simple setups of PayPal payment integration also speed up the checkout process to accept payments by automatic or manual process.

Currency Conversion

Keep a track on the location of visitor also convert the store currency to visitor’s location currency intended for a personalized shopping experience.

Multiple Payment Options

Effortless online & offline payment options like credit card, debit card and cash on delivery payments to attract maximum customers.

Efficient Order Processing

Our concurrent order processing feature lets the sellers to pick, pack, and dispatch orders with utmost efficiency and control.

Product Reviews & Ratings

Lets user to rate your products and also write reviews about your products that can be modified by the store admin effortlessly before approving it.

Export Email Subscriber List

Gives permission to export email subscriber list into a file of various forms in order to use it for your email marketing campaigns.

Flexible Contact Forms

We provide the best, flexible contact forms with simple drop down features for easy form filling as well as conversions.

Google-Friendly Navigation

All our products are escorted with search engine friendly layered or faceted navigation menus throughout page hierarchy system.

Content Management

Built-in CMS editor lets you to modify and organize the content that distinguishes your store from the rest of competitors.

Stock Administrations

Observe all the stock changes and obtain automatic notification when the stock level goes beneath the specified limits to pre-order stocks.

“Lost Password” Recovery

Automated lost password recovery facility lets customers to reset their password with the effortlessness customized password re-setter.

Flexible Shipping Rates

Create flexible as well as scalable shipping charges based on fixed-pricing, tiered pricing, quantity-based, also location-based rates.

Multi-Tier Pricing

Allocating tiered pricing across multiple products permits you to generate different discounts for special products in various groups.

Table Rates

Acquire full access over shipping with various table rates which is a combination of weight, price, and also quantity to calculate shipping.

Flexible Tax Rate Management

Assign tax rates based on the location, product type and more using flexible tax rate management with support to international markets.

Billing Addresses Book

Custom templates for billing also shipping address of customers are made during shopping cart checkout for future ordering.

Order Status Updates

Easily set-up email notifications for customers to send status of the orders in order to track progress and be notified about the delivery.

Order Summary in Checkout

Pre-defined checkout form with energetically changing product order summary besides the customer details for easy payment.

Invoice Management

Customize, extend or manage single or multiple invoices effortlessly using flexible invoice management features after shipping process.

Tax Calculation

Assign automatic tax calculation attribute for transaction based on product type, quantity and further attributes with flexible tax rates.

Tracking Order

Assign default order states with customizable order processing workflow enabling customer to track about the status of their orders.

Filter Order Status

Allows you to filter and sort orders based on its status and date of shipping giving you the ability to learn more about the orders.

Additional Payment Extensions

Combine additional payment methods including Paypal adaptive, Mangopay and additional payment APIs to benefit sellers and vendors.

Pre-Defined Product Templates

Swiftly set up new products with pre-defined product templates as well as customize the set of attributes to administer inventory.

Indicate Stock Availability

Provides the capacity to point out stock status with date, when the product will be accessible back on the store using pre-defined variables.

Customizable Delivery Methods

You obtain the facility to organize and manage delivery process based on the product, customer origin also the shipping carrier.

Full Report in Admin Dashboard

Measure, examine and create decisions by viewing entire periodical reports on your dashboard also choose the date range for custom periods.

Frequent Searched Terms Report

Permits you to observe the frequent search terms used by consumers to optimize your shop and boost your success rates.

Product Transaction Report

Displays transaction information of the products bought by the consumers together with shipping cost, tax information and more.

Sales Report

Acquire exact & current sales report of your store to evaluate sales statistics including total customers, total orders, revenue, etc.

Low Stock Report

Get notified when your stock level goes down the limit and easily manage your stocks in the report section to re-order instantly.

Total Sales Invoiced

Accounted sales report provides you the insights on total sales, shipping costs, carrier/method, and additional details under the admin dashboard.

Multiple Invoices

This feature provides you the ability to make several invoices and several shipments per order to permit for split fulfillment.

Print Invoice

Facility to print invoice bills in the PDF file formats via just one click on the order details page for each product in the shopping order.

Quick Add to Cart

Quickly add products to cart with easy drag & drop option reducing the various steps with fewer clicks.

SSL Certificate Configuration

Comes with configuration to SSL certificate. All the pages, content & transactions will have high level of security with https support.

Extendable Modules

Extra extensions can be included to the modules if you need to customize and extend the functionality of the existing tools.

One Page Checkout

Simplified single step checkout process to facilitate customers pay quickly with further suitable features to drive more sales and profits.

RTL Compatibility

Friendly to write with Right to Left languages like Arabic, Hebrew and many more. At the same time it also offers bidirectional support on all browsers.

Inventory Ready

Save time on inventory management by means of pre-loaded catalogues in just one simple setup and update it effortlessly for the future.

Ajax Enabled

The platform is accompanied with AJAX features that dropping the server load time and progresses your customer journey.


Entirely customizable as per your business model along with feature-rich responsive design on latest trends.

Free Installation

Liberated installation and setup ability as you will be provided with extensive documentation to update modification without any inconvenience.

Quantity Update in Shopping Cart

Enables purchasers to update quantity in the shopping cart page without getting back to the pervious page with the help of simple update cart feature.

Customizable Shipping Surcharges

Permits you to override or surcharge live shipping rates for specific products and customers to meet your certain business requirements.

New Products Arrival Notification

Throw new product arrival announcement or email alert to the customers who has subscribed to your online store.