HD FLV player

HD FLV player is one of most beautiful best performing high definition player with built in advanced feature that will enable you to have crystal clear video and audio in HD.

What’s In Our HD FLV PLAYER?

Stream Videos

Stream Videos

We know hosting HD videos in your server will cost you lot of bandwidth. Our HD FLV Player supports various streaming options like lighttpd, rtmp, live streaming, Amazon s3, apple HLS and more. Link your steaming videos from another source to your website.

Flash and HTML5

Flash and HTML5

There are 4.9 billion peoples are connected through internet and not everyone uses same devices. No matter if your website viewed in PC or Smartphone. Our HD FLV Player supports both flash and HTML5.

Ready to Embed

Ready to Embed

Your videos will be seen by millions of eyes. Our HD FLV player will provide you an option to embed your video easily on any website in just one click.

Video Captions

Video Captions

Captioning a video allows you to display necessary information while playing the video. Using our HD FLV Player you can add text or images on the frontend of the video.



90% your videos need to be resized to fit your customer’s screen size. Our HD FLV Player is pre coded to be responsive so that your video will fit to the screen of any size.

Social Sharing Option

Social Sharing Option

Sharing a video makes 3X more views than non-shared one. We designed Our HD FLV Player with social sharing option, so you can share your video on almost all social media network.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

1. How do integrate HD FLV player in my website?

Integrating the HD FLV Player in your standalone can be done without any professional help. To know how to integrate click here to view complete document about HD FLV player.

HD FLV player in my website?

2. The provided documentation is also not helping me!

We have clearly designed our documentation with step by step tutorial of how to integrate our HD FLV Player in your website. If you still find it difficult to integrate, we are glad to assist you. Click here to open a ticket.


3. What are the video formats supports by the player?

Our HD FLV video player supports mp3, flv, mp4, m4v, m4a, mov, mp4v, f4v, ogg. HD FLV player supports even Streaming videos.

formats supports

4. Why I’m seeing your brands logo in the player?

If you see our logo in your player you are using our free version of the HD FLV Player. To remove the logo and own the copyrights of HD FLV Player, we request you to buy a pro version of the player. Click here to buy the pro version of HD FLV Player.

brands logo

5. Can I use it in multiple domains?

No. the provider serial key with the purchase will work on only one domain. If you want to use it in multiple domains, contact us for the special discount for each purchase.

multiple domains

6. I have a bug/ problem with your player what to do now.

If you see error or bug in our HD FLV player, please raise a support ticket to our developers.

bug/ problem

7. I have bought older version of the product. Am I eligible for future updates?

yes once you have bought our products. You are eligible for free upgrade of all future updates.

future updates

8. What are requirement for HD FLV Player to run perfectly?

HD FLV player is build to run on any system without using much resource. Your HD FLV Player needs Adobe flash player 10 and above to run perfectly. Click here to get adobe flash player.

HD FLV Player

9. I need some custom request on my player can I ask you?

Yes. For our customer who bought pro version of HD FLV Player can request us to customize their skin based on their interest.


10. I have more questions where can I ask them?

If your question are not answered by our FAQ or our provide documentation, you are free to contact us here. We are always glad to help you.

more questions

Features of HD FLV PLAYER

Build a Video Gallery

Build a Video Gallery

If you have list of episodes or video tutorials, you will need a video gallery to display them

Control Your Player

Control Your Player

HD FLV Player gives you full control of your player customization like thumbnail size, video sort order and even button alignment for your video player.

Design and Developer Friendly

Design and Developer Friendly

We built HD FLV player with easy and understandable CSS, JavaScript and HTML with 100% comment in codes. So it’s pretty much easy to either to implement or customize on your own.

Ultra Light

Ultra Light

Our HD FLV player is specially designed and coded for to be low in size and high in performance. No matter how large is your video files, our player will make sure that it will play flawlessly.


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