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100+ Features wouldn’t be unwise to start with. Select our HTML Design and Manage your Inventories and orders under a hood.



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USD 310

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  • 1500+ Designs to choose
  • Unique Designs
  • HTML 5 , CSS3
  • Powerful Jquery
  • Smooth Navigation
  • SEO Friendly Codes
  • Fully Commented Source Codes
  • Parallax Background
  • Responsive Layout
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Webnexs html offers 50+ Unique Designs, Responsive UI, Powerful Jquery, SEO Friendly Codes, Fully Commented Source codes, Parallax Backgrounds, Responsive Layouts and many more.

The $310 plan Offers a complete setup of the codes on the client servers and make the website live. The contents and the images, other resources are to be given by the client.

Webnexs uses HTML5 and CSS3 technologies to design and develop a Websites.

Yes, Webnexs has 100+ satisfied clients all over the world and we give our best to make our clients satisfied with our work.

As a website designing company, Webnexs has 5+ years of experience.

Webnexs has worked with almost all types of businesses/companies and it has worked a lot with Ecommerce companies and B2Bs.

Webnexs builds a website with its full effort and handovers it to the client on the promised period of time. We have a team of skilled developers who puts their maximum effort to finish the Website before the duration period.

$49 Plan takes 1 hour from the time of payment and the $99 takes 48 Hours to get ready.

The cost to build a website may vary according to the demands of the customer. Webnexs offer 2 different plans and you can choose anyone of the plans according to your needs.

Yes, you can choose developers, designers on custom requirements. It costs 18 USD/ Hour on custom Designs.

The answer is obviously “Yes”! You will get a dedicated developer with Webnexs who will work around the clock to fulfill your needs. You can contact us for that.

Invalid markup can confuse browsers, search engines and other user agents. The result can be improper rendering, dysfunctional pages, unindexed pages in the search engines, program crashes.

The BOM, or byte order mark, is used for some encodings that use multiple octets to encode code points. Some of the examples are UTF -8 and UTF -16.

You can use the Page’s Column formatting option to insert a column. You can insert up to 10 columns in a document in a landscape mode.

You can simply set the height to 100% using CSS.

Because, they mix presentational issues with the content, making it difficult to achieve alternate styling and output device independence. This is the reason why layout tables are considered harmful.

ADDRESS element type is used to markup contact information for the pages. It is a block level element which can contain only text and inline elements.

Yes, the alt attribute is required for the IMG element type. Because not all user agents can understand or display images.

Because EMBED is not a part of any HTML recommendation. It is a non-standard extension which, although supported by most browsers, yet it is not part of HTML.

The DOCTYPE specifies the element type of the document's root element (HTML), a public identifier and a system identifier.

A DTD, or document type definition, specifies the element types and attributes that we can use in our web page. It also specifies how these element types relate to one another.


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