Introduction To Pay-Per-View

Webnex’s Pay-Per-View model allows you to sell your content for once and for all or provide access to the content for a limited period. The content can either be a single video(movies) or a small package of videos(TV series). Get higher control over your footage, control duration of the content and how much they pay for it from a single content management system.

Highlights Of Pay-Per-View


Higher Degree Of Control

Restrict the video content by the number of views or by the number of hours.


Flexible Content Delivery

Choose to offer access to a single video or a small bundle of videos.


Multiple Payment Options

Multi-currency and Multiple payment gateways.


Rich-Analytics Support

Get in-depth analytical reports from our solution, track revenue, profit, churn rate and other data which will help you take profitable data-driven decisions.

Earn through videos flawlessly, get access to our end to end tailor-made solutions from Webnexs.