Webnexs Process

We Navigate through certain Process to make sure we are Agile in delivery.

Webnexs has been always focussed on delivering solutions with most agility with a quick
turnaround time. Overthis process, we certainly follow steps that are more important
towards the goal fulfillment.

Perspective & Process

Design wireframes (User Experience UX ).

The Approval.

The UI ( User Interface engineer) to design the pages as per the layouts (UX).

Coding ( HTML).

Technical Wireframe Documentation.

Technology Development.

Core Integration with the Zend Engine / Core PHP or Magento, Prestashop any other technology.

Testing with 16 different Desktop and Mobile responsive front-end screens ( Based on inference from Google Analytics datas) to confirm the user experience on demo server.

Bug Fixes to be carried out based on the functionality, Unit test which is manual & Automated.

Review of the test fixes at demo server.

Approved: the website is move to production on client server.

Our Process
  • Git for Code Versioning systems with repos at Github and Commits at demo and live through the same process.
  • Freshdesk for ticketing systems.
  • JIRA For Bugs, project tracker systems with Agile and Kanban Boards.
  • Slack for Team Huddles on the project / In-formal communication channel.
Documentations to be Provided at the
end of Development
  • Documentation for wireframe
    and wireframe mapping.
  • Documentation on Designs
    ( PSD/ PNG, JPG)
  • Bootstrap Classes, HTML
    Framework Documents.
  • Document on Database Tables
    ( Mongo, MySQL etc) added and their
    references via flowchart.
  • Additional Documents if any
    needed on the workflow.

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