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Introduction To SVOD

SVOD is a type of service where the user pays a recurring fee monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually to view them without any ads in your platform content in your platform. SVOD doesn’t require large audience size like other ad channels, so starting with a small user base won’t be a hurdle.

Highlights Of SVOD



Webnexs’s SVOD solution is a complete package; you don’t have to worry about further management and maintenance. Everything can be managed and maintained without a coding team.


Flexible Payments System

You can easily incorporate different payment tenures into your video-on-demand platform.


Custom Notification

Get notified if your subscription plan ends, Flicknexs also provides in-depth analysis on churn rate and other vital reports.


Convenient Plans

Change the current plan at your will; the user has a sense of freedom and space at all times.

Webnexs is keen on delivering video-on-demand solutions for your custom needs, monetize your content without any trouble.