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Introduction to TVOD.

TVOD as the name suggests the user has to pay for a video or a small bundle of videos to view it. One of the most prominent examples in the industry is Youtube Paid Videos; there is a pre-specified amount for each movie.

Webnexs provides two different payment methods for your specified needs:

Electronic Sell-Through (EST)

Users gain permanent access to a piece of content by paying once. The nature of this access may vary where:

  • Users get access to the video for an indefinite period
  • Users can download the video for offline viewing (protected by DRM).

Download To Rent (DTR)

Users access a piece of content for a limited time for a smaller fee. For example, after a user rents the video, they have 30 days for viewing it. Once they've started watching it, the video will last for 48 hours before their rental period ends.

Highlights of TVOD


Better Revenue For New Content

Always the users are excited about new content, so the overall sales of new content will be better. Consumers will be ready to pay for your content when it's fresh and new.


Suitable For Small Scale Business

TVOD is better at handling low user density; this model reduces your overheads. TVOD operates under fixed operational costs, and the revenue is directly mapped to a single user. These characteristics work well for business with a considerably low scale.


Hasslefree Revenue Distribution

Unlike SVOD, this model attributes the revenue to the content creators without any snags. So redistributing the income will be very easy and straightforward.


Implementation of a Digital Rights Management system becomes mandatory to provide the audience with licensing. DRM makes compliance with the restriction by preventing viewers from making illegal copies and sharing by allowing access for a fixed period. DRM systems manage your user licenses in TVOD platforms, ensuring that only authorized viewers can watch the video content.

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