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Webnexs Streaming Solutions For Government

Webnexs Government streaming solutions are cost effective as well as secured streaming solutions . Webnexs solutions monitors and organizes everything from local road conditions to planetary orbit. It is an effective software simplifies the workflow for delivering engaging content to users with effective streaming solutions anywhere, anytime on various devices like smartphones, tablets, computers, and IPTV devices with effective security, reliability and cost savings essentials for governments.

  • City Council MeetingsCity Council
  • Legislative SessionLegislative
  • Traffic CamerasTraffic
  • ResearchResearch
  • Internal CommunicationsInternal
  • DronesDrones
  • Millitary : Battleships, Warplanes etc.,Millitary : Battleships,
    Warplanes etc.,
  • Police Cams & WearablesPolice Cams & Wearables

Advantages of Streaming Solutions for Government with Webnexs are as Follows

Webnexs streaming solution for Government is one of the best streaming media syatemwwhich allows and enables government to significantly incease number of webcasts, need not worry about the connections or viewers. The great infrastructure of webnexs media system and streaming solutions will support the load of connections as well as viewers.

  • Unbeatable EconomicsUnbeatable
  • Unlimited ScalablityUnlimited
  • Extensible REST & Java API’ sExtensible REST
    & Java API’ s
  • Helps in any Device ReachHelps in Any
    Device Reach
  • Future Proof TechnologyFuture Proof
  • Content SecurityContent

Webnexs government streaming solutions offering a best and fantastic platform for streaming everything as per government requirements . It also provides unbeatable price and support.

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