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Features of wcomm multivendor marketplace

Multivendor Ecommerce

Manage in simple way.

Never get confused while managing stores. Make sure that both admin and vendors can handle complicated managements in simpler ways.

We deliver a perfect system to manage products, categories, orders, shipments, commissions and many more under vendor specific logins, while admin can manage them under his single interface & login.

Multi Vendor Ecommerce

Beautifully crafted Designs

We have over 150+ unique themes that can beautify your store. Each one is carefully hand crafted which would be suitable for any of the business trends. Choose any designs for the store and customize on the go.

Multi Vendor Marketplace

Reach customers around the globe

How about translating the store over 65 languages and make the customer to understand what being sold and what happened to their purchased product.

Setup languages to automatically adaptto incoming visitors.

Multi Vendor Ecommerce Platform

Grab a small commission from
each sale

Get extra cash whenever sales happens by applying commission rates on the vendors products. commission can be applied either based on individual seller, based on products or based on their sales.

Multi Store Ecommerce

Accept payment by multi currency

Running a global store and accepting just a single payment is not a wise idea. Wcomm payment system intended to accept whether its USD, CAD, AUD or anything,

get the right conversation automatically based on the customer needs.

Multi Vendor Marketplace Script

Monitor store’s activity in control panel

As a proud Multi vendor marketplace owner its important to keep an complete overview of what’s happening in the store. wcomm gives a 360° view of important needs like monitoring sales, orders, manage vendors, their commissions etc.

Vendor end features

Multi Store Ecommerce

Have a unique shop name

Vendors of the store can by customizing their shop by shop name, Shop URL, default language and currency types.

Vendors can give a complete different experience to the customer while they are browsing the shop.

Multi Vendor

Vendor Dashboard

Vendors can keep a track of their SKUs, Orders, Store Profile informations from their dedicated store dashboard

Also Display financial information & Communication between admin and vendor.

Automated Payment.

After Successful Delivery of Product, Vendors can get paid auto through the payment gateways, with their split payment option as per the commission set for categories.

Multi Vendor Marketplace
Multi Vendor Ecommerce

Simple and clear order management

Either you manage orders, single or bulk, vendors have no chance of missing them.

Each orders will be notified by email and by push notification in admin section.Each vendor has his own store front and a customisable url to resemble the store front and his own brand.

Multi Vendor Shopping Cart

Optimize and promote the shop

Wcomm multi vendor marketplace lets the vendor to celebrate like his own store. Vendor are allowed to provide alt tags for every images and with SEO Friendly URL. Vendor can promote his shop through various platforms through SEO optimized URLs.

Customer end benefits