Multi Vendor Ecommerce Marketplace Features

Simple Management

Always understand while managing stores. Ensure that both admin and vendors can handle complicated management more straightforwardly.

Our system enables vendors to handle products, categories, orders, shipments, commissions, and more through their specific logins, while the admin manages everything through a single interface and login.

Responsive Designs

Elevate your store's appeal with our collection of 150+ distinctive themes, carefully hand-crafted to adapt effortlessly to any prevailing business trend.

Reach Globally

Translate the store with over 65 languages and make your store more customer friendly to surge up your multi-vendor business. Setup languages to automatically adapt to incoming visitors.


Get extra cash whenever sales happens by applying commission rates on vendors products. Commission can be applied either based on individual seller, products, and sales.


Integrate your multivendor online store with payment systems that gives ability to accept multiple currencies, turning out lot to be customer friendlier to help you in increasing sales and revenue.

Get the right conversation automatically based on the customer needs.

Control Panel

As a proud Multi vendor marketplace owner it is important to keep an complete overview of what’s happening in the store. Control panel gives a 360° view of important needs like monitoring sales, orders, manage vendors, their commissions etc.

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Ecommerce Marketplace Vendors Feature

Unique Shop Name

Optimize your store by customizing shop name, Shop URL, default language and currency types & give your customer seamless shopping experience.

Vendors can give a complete different experience to the customer while they are browsing the shop.


Keep track of SKUs, orders, store profile information & communication between admin and vendor from dedicated store dashboard available.

Automated Payment

After successful delivery of product, vendor can get paid automatically with their split payment option through the payment gateways.

Order Management

Either you manage orders, single or bulk, vendors have no chance of missing them.

Each orders will be notified by email and by push notification in admin section.Each vendor has their own store front and a customizable URL to resemble the store front and their own brand.

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Search Engine Optimization

Vendors are offered with SEO options & with SEO Friendly URLs. They can promote their shop through various platforms using SEO optimized URLs.

Customer's Feature

Vendor Profile

Interested to know about the vendor’s detailed history and their reputation before making a purchase? Wcomm lets the customer to view vendor profile publicly without any restriction. Both admin and vendor themselves can edit and provide informations.

Default Language

View vendor’s stores and their product information in the local language. No matter if the shop is in Arabic, English, German, French, Danish, Finnish and 60 other languages, customer can switch the language and understand them in the their language.

Default Currency

If the customer is not willing or the customer feel uncomfortable to purchase the product in certain currency type, wcomm allow them to switch between the currencies types in just one click with most accurate currency conversion.

Multiple Vendors Order

Customers are not restricted to purchase the products from a single vendor. One can purchase through various vendors and get all the product delivered in single address. wcomm system will split up the price and pays the vendors accurately.

Reviews and Rating

It’s good to know customers view on performance of both vendor and his products to everyone. Reviews and rating system tools helps out 90% of customer to decide before they make purchase. Admin of store can either manually or automatic approve it.

Vendors Contact

Reaching out the vendors regarding the products, orders or shipment should be handy that would provide a great relief to the customers on online shopping. Customers are free to reach the vendor through vendor profile or shipment management page and get their queries resolved

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Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs) - Look Here!

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A Multivendor marketplace is an online Ecommerce shop where the owner can add multiple vendors to their shop and allow the vendors to sell and promote their products or services.

Marketplace listing is any product by a third-party vendor that is listed for download on the website.

A publisher can be any individual or an organization that should have at least one published listing on the Marketplace.

A customer can be an organization or individual who uses the marketplace to download the products listed on the website.

Yes you get unlimited 3 months support for the marketplace website developed by us.

You can assign the vendor request to be auto-approved. To change it to auto-approve, you need to change the configuration settings from the backend dashboard > configuration. Here, you can set whether the request should be auto approved or not.

Yes, it is possible for a merchant to set individual commission for the vendors. It can be done from the dashboard under commission setting.

Yes, you can add many sellers at a time through the CSV file upload. You can add sellers by going in to Dashboard>Sellers>Add Sellers by CSV file.

Yes vendors can view the details of the payment from the “payment receive” tab from the marketplace account.

Yes you can show both standard and digital product on your store by setting the shop type to “both” from the backend configuration.

Customers & Reviews

User Friendly

Best Marketplace solution that can be accessed in any devices. Thanks to Webnexs team for their awesome work. They made the online shop more users friendly. Webnexs is the best Marketplace solution provider.

Review by - Phill Stephen


Easily Customizable

I am new to online marketplace and do not have much coding skills. But, Webnexs created the marketplace without any complicated procedure. This allows me to customize the online shop by myself without seeking anyone’s help.

Review by - Allan Mathew


Brilliant Features

I created my own multivendor marketplace with the help of Webnexs. They provided many advanced features and brilliant features to my marketplace. This helps me to manage my shop easily. I’m really happy and fully satisfied. Thank you Webnexs team for your wonderful work.

Review by - Shefiq


Amazing support

I would like to give 5 stars for their support. I was new to marketplace and had only less knowledge about it. I used to get help from the Webnexs team. Their support was awesome and now I have gained some knowledge about multivendor marketplace and customizing it on my own with their help.

Review by - Afsana Hasin

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