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Niche Online Audio and Video Subscription Platform service

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Movie & Television based platform

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Leading White Label OTT Solution For
A Complete Streaming Experience

ott platform

VOD Platform

Allowing you to distribute your content across various Video on Demand (VOD) platforms such as Netflix, Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, and more devices.

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Live Streaming

Broadcast live from anywhere using a reliable OTT video platforms. Engage with your audience through interactive chats and Q&A sessions.

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Audio/Video Streaming

A Leading streaming platform offers a complete audio streaming platform helping OTT solution needs of many industries via On-Demand, video Streaming and online store.

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Get ahead with our End-to-End OTT solution for all your OTT software needs

Benefit from our easy-to-use tools and provide your users with amazing video and audio experiences, no matter what device they use. Embrace the future of video streaming software with our top-notch OTT solutions.

Improve your revenue with Subscription Model(SVOD), pay-per-view(PPV), and ads supported(AVOD)

Control all your content in one place across all devices and platforms without any hassles

Keep your OTT video content safe with strong security features like Multi-DRM, digital watermarks, AES encryption

Get more insights and build accurate marketing plans with real-time analytics provided by Webnexs OTT

Get a customizable OTT solution with lots of features. Increase your brand visibility without spending a lot on an in-house development team.


Enterprise OTT Platform Solution For Every Industrial Demands

  • Webnexs allow you to create your own complete white label OTT streaming platform.
  • It delivers on-demand videos and live-streaming solutions for media.
  • Perfect for media, production houses, filmmakers, and entertainment companies.
  • Offers a fully customized OTT solution with over 100+ features.
  • Covers all entertainment industry needs through on-demand, live streaming, and online store services.
  • Webnexs OTT offers a complete streaming platform for educational institutes, universities, publishers, and businesses.
  • Provides on-demand and live-streaming services tailored for these organizations.
  • Webnexs OTT software solution includes features like course management, grading, certification, live lecture recording, and monetization.
  • Designed to meet the specific needs of educational institutions and enterprises.
  • Webnexs OTT offers a complete on-demand and live sports streaming platform.
  • Enables you to create your own website and apps to broadcast sporting events with your branding.
  • Webnexs live streaming and OTT solutions enhance your business and engage fans more effectively.
  • Webnexs OTT software solution offers 1000+ features, it ensures smooth broadcasting worldwide without the need for coding skills.
  • Webnexs OTT offers a customizable streaming service tailored for churches and religious institutions.
  • Provides on-demand and video streaming of religious events, podcasts, and online stores.
  • Comes with 100+ features to enhance the streaming experience.
  • Allows communities to stay connected and uplift spirits, especially when in-person sessions are not possible.
  • Enables the creation of religion streaming apps for seamless engagement with followers.
  • Webnexs OTT allow you to stream various events without interruptions, such as town halls, corporate meetings, product launches, and more.
  • Cover a wide range of events, including employee training, HR onboarding, webcasts, and product explanations.
  • Create your own branded streaming website and apps for enterprise use.
  • Enjoy unmatched scale and security for your OTT solution needs.

Monetization Models For Your OTT Platform




Customized Video Player

Earn money from your videos, music, and live streams by letting users subscribe. You can offer monthly or yearly subscription plans with or without a free trial, lasting from a few hours to a few days. You can even create private subscription plans for specific users.

In-Depth Analytics

Make money from your videos, music, and live streams using transactional video-on-demand (TVOD) or Pay-per-view (PPV) models. You can also earn through rental models. Control access by limiting the number of views, hours, or both. Set different prices for subscribers and non-subscribers on your platform.

Broadcast Monitoring

Webnexs OTT's HTML5 video player works with various ad systems and networks. It supports different ad formats like pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll for making money.

Multi-DRM Security - Protect Your OTT Platform

Complete security solutions tailored for OTT software & streaming platform requirements

Multi-DRM & Watermark
Multi-DRM & Watermark
Secure your videos from piracy and unauthorized access with dynamic watermarks, login protection, SSL certificates, and more
AES Encryption
AES Encryption
AES encryption helps protect videos and audio on your OTT video software. It uses strong 128-bit keys for security.
Password protection
Password protection
Keep your video platform safe! Use a password-protected interface to prevent unauthorized access and protect against hackers.
Single Sign-On
Single Sign-On (SSO)
SSO lets your customers to log in with just one click. When you use SSO on your website, customers don't need to type their username and password again for different apps.

Power Your Streaming Growth By Building A Custom OTT Platform

Drive the most of our decade-long skills in Over The Top to develop a customized ott software around video on demand, video streaming, mobile video, Roku Box, AppleTV, Android TV, Amazon Fire Stick, Smartphones, and Smart TVs platforms. You can deliver content to any device, this versatile nature of Webnexs allows you to enhance the user's comfortability.


Yes. By default, the videos are optimized to play on all devices including mobile without an app with Webnexs, you can build your own branded OTT platforms and permit users to enjoy your content.

An OTT platform permits business owners to deliver media services clearly that can increase customer engagement and are easy to use.

Once the form is filled and complete, we expect an average of 10-15 days for web application to be delivered.

Yes, you can watch demos of our OTT platforms. For more email [email protected]

In Webnexs, you can definitely enable focused targeting and having revenue growth using SVOD, AVOD, TVOD and build your sales pipeline

Yes, webnexs team of OTT professionals & experts will offer the solution of your choice with centralized DRM support for SSO, video encryption, password protection, Json standard protocols, and much more

We currently use Stripe, Paypal, and Razorpay.

Our prices for your site are outstanding and lower than any OTT software on the market, guaranteed. See our prices here.

Use a real-time analytical dashboard to measure the effectiveness of your OTT video software. Gain valuable insights into user engagement, monitor session duration, analyze user behavior, and access a comprehensive overview of your OTT solutions performance – all conveniently presented on a single dashboard for easy tracking and analysis.

Webnexs' OTT solution provides a range of monetization models, including Subscription, Advertising, Pay-per-view, SSAI (Server-Side Ad Insertion). These diverse options enable revenue generation for broadcasting a variety of OTT content, such as TV shows, movies, series, and more.