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Build Your Own Ecommerce Website
Customized Front End for the store

Personalized Online Business

Have complete access at customizing the store from its domain name to the store’s color, font style, products and many more with prefect ecommerce website builder.

No Special Skills Needed

Start the store easily by choosing from 10+ awesome pre designed templates. Hence no need of any technical skills.

Build Your Own Ecommerce Website

Organize Product Display

Wcomm allows displaying products and organize by category. Allow customer to navigate and purchase easily.

Unlimited Product Display

With webnexs wcomm lets keep adding products to the business store. From a safety pin to mobile phones there is no limit the number or type of product can sell with our best ecommerce website builder.

Cheap Ecommerce Website Builder
Provide an Awesome Check out Experience

Receive Payments Easily

Webnexs wcomm will accept payment from 70+ external payment gateways around the world. Never miss a single sale.

Secure the Data

Entire shop including product page, bank information, transaction information is 100% protected and certified under PCI complaint.

Product Management

Wcomm a powerful Ecommerce Website Builder allows creating, modifying and deleting unlimited number of products. webnexs wcomm supports management of product without any limitation. Add new products in wcomm store with no hassle. Some of the delighted features get while adding products are

Product Information

Choose name for the product, Reference code, and three different types of barcode. And also information about Visibility, Short and detailed descriptions and tags of the product. Wcomm ecommerce store helps in re-editing of product information in the ecommerce store unlimited number of times.

Search Engine Optimization

Wcomm ecommerce website allows adding SEO information for better visibility of the products with the popular search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Add and Modify SEO Meta information like meta title and meta description. Wcomm also allows adding and generating SEO friendly URLs.

Shipping Information

It’s important to declare shipping information of the product. wcomm ecommerce script enables to provide Package height, package depth, package weight and lets choosing the list of carrier who would delivery such products towards the customer.


Provide information of quantities of each product left in the store’s inventory for the respective products. Showing left over stock information about products helps the store-owners to plan effectively and replenish the stocks on ecommerce website.

It’s a good idea to sell multiple products as a bundle. Bundled product packs not only help customer to save price but also provides perfect boost up towards products sales. View some of the unique features of Bundled products in wcomm a unique Ecommerce Store Builder.

Create combinations

Whether it’s collection of two products or hundreds of them, wcomm bundle them into a single SKU. wcomm ecommerce website has capabilities to provide information of bundles like list of product in pack, name of the bundle, reference and many more.


Mention clear price of each product with whole sale price and retail price. Set tax rules based on region. Pricing features also allows declaring specific price of each product based on user groups, combination available dates and many more on Ecommerce website.

Offers and Discounts

Bundle packs are infamous for its attractive discounts and it’s considered the one of the Prime reason for people opting buying the bundled packs. Webnexs wcomm allows to apply special discounts for those bundled packs.

Display the Contents

Let customers know about list of contents in the bundled products. wcomm allows to know total items on pack, quantity of each item and price of each separated items and many more.

Providing downloadable digital products is considered as new trend, which can create a big hype towards digital store. Wcomm the best Ecommerce Website Builder allows downloading products simply after purchase. Digital products include eBooks, images, music files, tickets and many more.

Downloadable Files

Whether it’s a Virtual EBook or Music files or Images, its easy to host in online store. Wcomm ecommerce store allows to host digital downloadable products safely within store’s server itself. Upload any file format with the maximum size of 8.00 MB.

Limit No. of Downloads

Leave restriction on how many times a user can download the purchase products. If there are concerns about bandwidth consumption or want to provide files based on limited no: of usage, now set download limits on the products.

Set Expiration Date

Interested to make availability of the products only on certain period? Wcomm awesome Instant Ecommerce Builder allows setting the limitation to the products by setting up expiration date to digital products. The store ceases to display the products upon expiration date.

Number of Days

Don’t want to restrict file access to the customers based on No. of downloads, leave an expiration date to the files. After a successful purchase, either apply restriction by no. of downloads or through expiration date or using both.

Deal Management

Daily deal feature allows creating day-to-day discounts and offers for multiple products on the stores. Ecommerce Website Builder daily deal module allows configuring the store to display hot deals for products in eye catching professional look.

Criteria Base Deals

Specify the deals for the customers based on their currencies, region and user groups. Wcomm lets triggering the deals when customers use certain types of currencies or come from selected regions or the customer’s user groups on your ecommerce store

Deal Triggering Point

Trigger deals on the stores either based on Total number of products or total product price. wcomm lets to set deal with certain types of currencies and total no. of units one should purchase to trigger the deal.

Beautiful Countdown Timers

Let the customers get notified about when the deals get closed. Webnexs Ecommerce Website lets customers get notified about the deal in process by beautiful countdown timers. Countdown timer teases customer to buy the products quickly.

Coupon Manager

Set discounts for all the customers or specified customer groups with the store. wcomm store allows generation of coupon code and automatically send them to customers through promotional email.

Building An Ecommerce Website

Cart Rules

Declare a set of rules that would enable coupon only if the customer who purchases above the marginal limit on the final check out. Wcomm a popular Ecommerce website Builder allows store to trigger discount only if customer purchases above certain amount in total.

Cart Rules
Building An Ecommerce Website

Pricing Rules

Assign discounts based on categories, manufacturer, supplier attributes or the products features. Wcomm helps to set discounts even based on the customer regions, currency types and user groups.

Building An Ecommerce Website


Creating coupon codes based on the festival engages customer that boost up visits and sale on store. Building ecommerce website with wcomm allows to set coupons name, their value as percentage or amount as well as their validity.

Additional Features

Building An Ecommerce Website

Unlimited Products

Add Unlimited Amount of Products in Unlimited Category on the E-Commerce Site.

Building An Ecommerce Website
Building An Ecommerce Website

Product Images

Increase the product sales easily by Adding Product Images on the E-Commerce Store.

Building An Ecommerce Website
Building An Ecommerce Website

Categories and Web Pages

Create Unique Categories and Pages that will Make Customers to Shop Easily on the Store.

Ecommerce For Rent

Mobile Responsive

Webnexs wcomm will Optimize the Ecommerce Store to every Possible Layout and Screen Resolution.

Ecommerce For Rent
Instant Ecommerce Builder

Integrated CDN

Speed up Ecommerce Store by integrating Content Delivery Network (CDN) Data.

SEO and Marketing

Ecommerce For Rent

Sitemaps helps to provide the complete structure of the ecommerce stores to the search engines for indexing. Wcomm a prefect Ecommerce Website Builder has site map generator helps to generate and update sitemaps on regular interval. Site map generator module proved access to the list of page which can include or exclude.

Ecommerce Website Builder

When selling specific products stopped or changed its attributes which might bring change in URL where should consider adding 301 redirect to that URL. Webnexs wcomm SEO a feature not only allows to declare changed permanently to unlimited number of pages.

Best Ecommerce Website Builder

Provide a short description about online is important for indexing by popular search engines. Our ecommerce Store Builder wcomm Meta information features allows to add, remove and modify Meta information like Meta tags and Meta description.

Build Ecommerce Website

Heading tags provides a hint about the products for both customer and search engines. With webnexs wcomm heading tag management can provide most relevant heading to the products which would accept by the search engines and increase the products sales

Build Ecommerce Website

Make Ecommerce Store more Search Engine Friendly by Creating SEO Friendly URLs for the Product Pages

Building An Ecommerce Website

Generate Perfect Search Keywords for Product Pages. Make the Product Pages more Relevant for Search Engine.

Building An Ecommerce Website

Publish the Upcoming Updates, News, Features, articles and Many More Using Inbuilt Blog on the Store.

Building An Ecommerce Website

Build and Send Customized Email Newsletter to Beloved Customers within the Store.

Store Stats

It’s important to follow up statistical information for the future development of Ecommerce store. wcomm the Best Ecommerce Website Builder provides the rock solid and updated information about store. This information helps in calculating the potential of each product and helps to determine whether to keep or remove the products from the inventory. Webnexs wcomm store stats not only provide information about the products but also about incoming traffics and every customer’s detailed report in graphical format.

Misc Features

Build Your Own Ecommerce Website

Gift Voucher

Let the Customer Give Gifts to their Loved Ones. Create, Manage or Delete Gifts on wcomm Store.

Build Ecommerce Website

Discount Engine

Create, Set Limits, Mention No. of Usage, Restrict Region and Many More using wcomm Discount Engine.

Email Notification

Email Notification

Notify Customers about Discounts, offers, Coupons and many more through Email Medium in wcomm

SMS Notification

SMS Notification*

Send Password Alerts, Products Ads, Coupons and Many More using through SMS Service.


Webnexs servers are specially designated to enhanced security, reliability and compatibility towards your ecommerce stores. Webnexs server is stuffed up with great features like world class firewall protection, anti-spam & Anti-virus protection, disabled root FTP access, server exploitation protection and many more.

PCI Compliance PCI Compliance

Making online store Payment card industry’s data security standards (PCI DSS) compliance provides all the required steps to protect customers from their sensitive data while they shop online. Webenxs wcomm offers PCI DSS service to all online stores.

Off-site backupsOff-site backups

For any ecommerce store its vital process to take a backup clone of the website before losing records of important sales and customer information. Webnexs wcomm take regular backups automatically or manually that protects the data and saves the stores from disaster


Firewall for a server is considered as a protective defender that saves from constant threat like malware, viruses and malicious or unwanted internet traffic. Webnexs wcomm server firewall constantly scans on the server’s activity and prevent the attack that slows down online store.

SSL CertificateSSL Certificate

SSL Certificates provides all reliable way to gain customer trust. Best Ecommerce Website Builder Wcomm Supports SSL Certificate which encrypts sensitive data like credit card and other bank details. This will provide assurance among customer, trustworthiness among merchants and rapid indexing on search engines.


Host the Webnexs Wcomm Store with 99.99% Uptimes with Amazon Cloud or Digital Ocean

Ecommerce Website Builder

Our Cloud Solution Offers Features Like

  • Disk space flexibility of 2GB/5GB/25GB.
  • Automatic Backup.
  • Dedicated support team.


Make the Webnexs wcomm Ecommerce Store to be More Search Engine Friendly, SEO Optimization.

  • Custom URL
  • META tags
  • META descriptions
  • ALT tags
  • Sitemap
  • Search engine friendly
  • Google Analytics
  • Optimize heading Tags
  • Tag cloud managements
  • CMS management

Shipping and Payment Gateway

Build Your Own Ecommerce Website

Payment Gateway

Integrate 90+ Payment Gateways on the Store. Receive Payment From Around the World for E-Commerce Website.

Build Your Own Ecommerce Website


Add Cash-On-Delivery Option on E-Commerce store. Lets Customer Pay While they receiving their Product.



Manage Customers Shipping Address Easily Within Admin Panel of the E-Commerce Website.

Automated Shipping

Auto Pickups and Automated Shipping

Manage the Logistic or Shipping Services within Admin Panel. Make the Pickups and Delivery Service Automatically on ecommerce store.

Domestic Logistics

Domestic Logistics

Manage Beloved and Trusted Local Logistic Service Within the Admin Panel of Ecommerce Store.

And Many More

And Many More

Store Management

Build Ecommerce Website

Customer Panel for
Returning Visitor

Let Customer Manage their Profile Including Order Placed, Email Ids, Shipping Address and many more in wcomm Ecommerce Store.

Tax Management

Tax Management and

Set Tax Rules Based on the Region, Generate Invoice for Customers Purchased Products on Ecommerce Shop.

Visitor Count

Visitor Count and
Product Views

Track the Visitors throughout the Ecommerce Store, never Miss out the Customers Activity inside the Store.

Support Features

Ecommerce Site Builder

Support Documents

Get a Perfect Instruction of the WComm Web Store
Through Online Documentation or in PDF Format.

Ecommerce Site Builder

Email Support & Support Ticket

Get 24/5 Support for Wcomm Store through either Email or Live Chat, we are Glad to help you at anytime.

Design Features

Create an Elegant Ecommerce Store with Webnexs Wcomm. Customize the Store with awesome design Features.


Every Customer who Visits the Product page will have Same Screen Resolution. Increase the Sales and Make wcomm Store to be Responsive.

Home Page

Show Case the Products Beautifully with stunning Homepage Design that will grasp Customers and Improve Conversion Rate on Ecommerce website.


Ensure Customers can navigate throughout the Store easily through Clean and Perfect Menu Bar. No matter if Customers are from Mobile or Desktop, Let them Navigate Right Away.


Present Products neatly through Products Scrolls. Products Scroll not only Beautiful but Also Displays more Products within Small Space.


Display Awesome Products Images in Prime Space through Carousel Banners. Make Products Stands out to Increase Sales Ecommerce website.

Reviews & Ratings

Awesome Friendly Support

Webnexs team gave a prefect customization and support towards my Ecommerce store. They let me to ask question and provided solution regarding my wcomm store. I can assure you that webnexs wcomm gives a perfect ecommerce platform at affordable rates.


Product Video Integration

Webnexs wcomm help my store to increase sales by display products videos in products page. Videos in products page have provided users to views their products more personally with human touch. More over they for every problem that arised during my store setup they gave a perfect solution through their awesome award winning support team. Thanks Webnexs!.

Review by - KRISH KASH

Rapid Response

I should agree that ever time contacted them regarding quires on my store. They guided me perfectly without any hesitations. Webnexs wcomm plans gave me a great experience towards my Ecommerce store. It’s a good news that now i can run online store with any programming and designing knowledge.


Worthy for Money

I have been looking to build an ecommerce store from long ago. Due to insufficient funds towards my ecommerce store I kept delaying. I came to a about webnexs wcomm features and its affordable plans. This ecommerce software supports perfect handling of product, categories, attributes and many others features. They have fulfilled all my needs on my dream ecommerce store.


Frequently Asked Questions

Self Hosted Plan allows you to add unlimited products, Categories, Attributes for your Online Store. You can get the Best Solution that can help to organize your Products, sell them and Receive Payments with Few Clicks.

You can easily setup your Wcomm SH-store within 30 minutes. Just Click Buy Now button and your Store will be Automatically Created in Server. You can start Selling Products Instantly.

We do not hold on any Features for our Trial Customers. You will be provided an Online Store with all features Available in your Chosen Plan. You are Free to try Webnexs Wcomm SH-Plans Unrestricted.

Yes you can use your Own Domain Name for setting up your Wcomm Store. Webnexs Wcomm allows you to Integrate with your own Domain Name of choice with Domain Name Service Provider. All you have to do is Point your Domain Names to Wcomm Servers.