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Self Hosted Plan allows you to add unlimited products, Categories, Attributes for your Online Store. You can get the Best Solution that can help to organize your Products, sell them and Receive Payments with Few Clicks.

You can easily setup your Wcomm SH-store within 30 minutes. Just Click Buy Now button and your Store will be Automatically Created in Server. You can start Selling Products Instantly.

We do not hold on any Features for our Trial Customers. You will be provided an Online Store with all features Available in your Chosen Plan. You are Free to try Webnexs Wcomm SH-Plans Unrestricted.

Yes you can use your Own Domain Name for setting up your Wcomm Store. Webnexs Wcomm allows you to Integrate with your own Domain Name of choice with Domain Name Service Provider. All you have to do is Point your Domain Names to Wcomm Servers.

If you have opted for SH-starter plan you do not have option to sell the Products to the Customers around the World. To sell you Products to the Customers around you have to upgrade either to SH plus or SH Pro where we can help you to an international a payment gateway

All you SH Plans comes with Cash-On-Delivery and PayPal integration by default. If additional Payment gateway integration is needed you can Purchase it with additional cost of $15.

Yes you can Cancel your SH Plans Subscription at anytime you Want. To Cancel your Subscription go to your Control Panel and Click Cancel Subscription Button or Simply Contact our Support Team who will Assist you throughout Process.

You will be Automatically Notified 3 days in advance before free trial Period gets over. To buy your plan, simply Contact our Support Team who will Provision it immediately.

Your Wcomm Store Hosting Server must have Apache 1.3, Apache 2.X, Nginx, PHP 5.2+, MySQL 5.0+ installed with Database Created, SSH or FTP access.

After Successful Purchase of your Product, our Server will Automatically Start Build up your Store in just 30 minutes. You can Start Selling your Products on your Online Store Instantly.

After purchasing your Plan, You will be mailed with Complete Configuration Information like Username, Password, Admin Panel links, and Payment Information and Many More. If you are still unsure how to Access Admin Panel you can always Contact our award winning Support team who will guide you throughout the Process.

When a Customer Purchases a Product from your Store you will be Automatically Notified through Email and also you will be notified by a Popup Notification in your Admin Dashboard.

Yes it is easy to upgrade your Plan Anytime you want. Just click upgrade option in Your Control Panel and choose your Plan. You can also contact our Support Team who assists you through this Process.

Yes, Wcomm store will Support more than 65 Languages. No Matter where Your Customers come from, you can manage them with their regional languages easily.

Yes you can manage your Store Easily Through your Mobile or Tablet as your Stores are 100% Responsive using bootstap and will Become Compact to your Device Screen Size. You can Easily Manage your Store on the go.

Yes Every wcomm Store is 100% Search Engine Optimized. Your Store will be Easily Indexed by Popular Search Engines. With Webnexs wcomm helps you to manage the SEO aspect of the store easily.

We Provide Best service with expert that Our Client needs

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Marketing channels support

Single Products

Add, edit and modify unlimited products in the store. Keep adding new products to the store without any limits

Reveal the product type, assign name to the product, createbarcode type, reference code, visibility¤t condition of the products on the store, short and detailed descriptions of products and tags.

Create and modify SEO Meta information like Meta tags and Meta descriptions for better visibility on popular search engine like Google, Bing and yahoo for indexing.

You can mention package height, depth, weight and provides access to the customer to choose the carriers.

Bundled Products

Bundled products package helps the customers by save price on the individual products and also provides a greater hike towards overall products sales. Take a look at some of the beloved features

Allow the customer to know about the list of products in the bundled package. Our application displays the total no.items, quantity of each items, price of individual items on the bundled pack and many more.

Our bundle products are famous for providing attractive discounts which encourages the customer to prefer bundled packs over regular individual packs. The store’s feature allows applying special discounts for bundled packs.

Reveal a clear cost of each product. The Store’s design allows you to set tax rules based on the region.The owner can declare specific price of each product based on user groups, set various combination of available dates on the project.

Make a combo of two or more products. Select a perfect combination of bundled products. Provide information like list of products in pack, name of the bundle, reference ID and many more.

Downloadable Products

Our digital products feature allows downloading products simply after the purchase. Digital products feature let’s to sell virtual products like eBooks, Images, music and many more.

Put a limitto access the digital files based on trial period. Our design denies access based on total No. of downloads, expiration dates for the digital files and also by number of days.

The store provides features to apply restriction on how many times a product can be downloaded. Set restriction to the product after a successful purchase from the store.

Set the products toavailable for only a certain time period. Our design allows setting up the limitation by declaring the expiration date to the digital products.

Do not host the files on third party location other than store’s own server. We allow hosting the store’s digital products securely on the store’s server.

Order Messages

A confirmation message will be sent atonce if the order is placed. This message is sent to notifythe customers about the placed order.

Know the status of the products. Get to knowwhether the product is shipped or not, where it has reached, when it will be delivered, etc.

Manage thereturned back Products carefully.Provide the customer with a proper refund, repair or replacement within the warranty period of the product.

Mention clear information about the order. Provide information like number of products ordered from the store, total amount of the product, deliver date of the products and more.


Price Rule

Provide a set of rules that would enable coupons only if the customer who purchases above limit mentioned by on the final check out.


Selling multiple products as a bundled package is a brilliant idea. Bundled
products package helps the customers by save price.

The store displays the status of customer location,carries names, products current location and delivery status of the products.

Decide the availability of online stores shipment service worldwide and restrict the shipment to certain areas or regions

Select the shipping partner wisely and deliver the products to the customers on specified time.


Get adaptability for your store based on the regions

Carrythe products overseas and start selling it worldwide. Expand the targeting location, sell the products and get profits from it.

Make the website with multilingual to get customers from all over the world.The customerwill buy the product only if they understand what is said.

Set the display time for the products for different countries according to their time zone. Our site design allows displaying the product to the targeted countries at specified time.

The difference in the currencies will be calculatedautomatically. The price of product will be converted automatically to USD to check the variation in the currency type.

Set tax rates by country and region.Allow the store to displayproduct with or without taxes on the page. This helps the customers to know how much taxes are applied on their purchases.


Never get confused while managing stores. Make sure that both admin and vendors can handle complicated managements in simpler ways.

Modifythe website setting type according to your comfort. Adjustthe front office security type, HTML purifier library, iframes on HTML, etc.

Verify the order process type, set the minimum purchase amount required in order to validate the order, view the delayed shipping details, terms of service and many more.

View the general details about the products. Manage the catalog mode, product redirection after adding it to the cart, Friendly URL, description, quantity of discount, etc.

Check and modify the general details of the customer. Verify the registration process type, set the phone number option, enable newsletter registration and send email confirmation after registration.

The store provides powerful SEO tool to make the website more search engine friendly. IncludeURLs to make the websitereach every online user.

Easy to use Content Management System. Manage and edit the contents from the website with ease.

Get the details of the product suppliers.

The store will be in a short break during the maintenance mode. This helps to manage the products from the store.

Provide information about the online store to the customer. This will help the customer to know more details about the store. Get the details of Geo location with the help of the IP address.

Administration & Stats

Know the statics of the store. Keep record of all the details of the store and customers and know the statics report of the store.

Reviews & Ratings

Awesome Friendly Support

Webnexs team gave a prefect customization and support towards my Ecommerce store. They let me to ask question and provided solution regarding my wcomm store. I can assure you that webnexs wcomm gives a perfect ecommerce platform at affordable rates.


Product Video Integration

Webnexs wcomm help my store to increase sales by display products videos in products page. Videos in products page have provided users to views their products more personally with human touch. More over they for every problem that arised during my store setup they gave a perfect solution through their awesome award winning support team. Thanks Webnexs!.

Review by - KRISH KASH

Rapid Response

I should agree that ever time contacted them regarding quires on my store. They guided me perfectly without any hesitations. Webnexs wcomm plans gave me a great experience towards my Ecommerce store. It’s a good news that now i can run online store with any programming and designing knowledge.


Worthy for Money

I have been looking to build an ecommerce store from long ago. Due to insufficient funds towards my ecommerce store I kept delaying. I came to a about webnexs wcomm features and its affordable plans. This ecommerce software supports perfect handling of product, categories, attributes and many others features. They have fulfilled all my needs on my dream ecommerce store.