Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace extension by Webnexs

Multi-vendor Marketplace websites are online platforms, and loads of retailers/vendors can trade products without using numerous platforms for a single purpose. So there may be different conditions where one product comes from a number of distributors with multiple price tags. You can combine different store at a single platform like a bookstore, clothes store and other stores you might need.

With these platform retailers/vendors have access to manage each and every activity like they can upload, control their products and users can purchase those products on the website. The proprietor gets satisfied with a commission when someone purchases anything. In some conditions sellers can deliver products independently as well, everything is determined by the term and conditions to define by the owner.

You want to utilize the e-commerce platforms open source to build a marketplace

Magento Multi-Vendor Marketplace by Webnexs


With Webnexs Multi-Vendor module you can simply change your existing Magento store into an online marketplace with multi-vendor portal management. There are multiple online features that supports store owner to switch the products catalog, requests, invoices, requirements etc. The store owner can enjoy and handle all features under a single platform.

Workflow of Multi Vendor Marketplace –

The following are the basic workflow of this package:

Product Sale Commission – The admin can set the global commission rate for all each and every seller for every sale they made.

Attribute Set ID – The admin can choose which all attribute sets can sellers use to include new products to the catalog.

Allow Seller to Manage Orders – The admin can choose whether to allow sellers to manage their orders or not. If choose yes option, then the sellers can create invoices, enter tracking & shipment information, cancel or refund, and print the order from the front-end. retailers can also send notification emails to its clientele.

Admin Control- The admin can decide whether to have more control of the marketplace or to automate the process. The admin has an option which can permit anyone to sign up as a seller and start selling to the marketplace automatically without approval. The admin can also choose whether to allow sellers to add products or update product information without its approval or not. The admin can decide whether it wants to manage each order manually and then send it to the sellers or send the email about the new orders automatically.

Inventory Settings – The admin might send a little collection notification email to its vendors, and inform them about the goods stock information. Then setting the minimum quantity level for low set information in the configuration, the emails will automatically send to the respective sellers.

Marketplace Seller Panel Management – Once the retailer has been included to the marketplace, Marketplace section in My Account page. Here the retailer can change its seller profile, generate an attribute for configurable products, add new products, view product list, view seller dashboard, view transaction list, order history.

Retailer Information – Retailer might change the details of vendor name, contact number, banner, logo, region, description, refund policy, shipping policy, country, Meta words & descriptions and payment details. The vendors can offer various social media link in their store. You can also send a request for any change from this section to the profile page, reviews page, collection page and URL for the  location page.

Seller Dashboard – The sellers can observe this section to notice information about their income with the help of monthly graphical representation. It illustrates daily, weekly and monthly income figures, the total vendor payout and the remaining amount can also be seen on the dashboard. The seller can vision its modern information about new orders and latest comments & reviews received. The retailer can ask any question to the admin from this panel.

The admin and Seller have so many options for configurations and with this Multi Vendor Marketplace provide so many other functionalities as well.

click here to view live demo.

Benefits of Webnexs Multi-Vendor Marketplace Extension for Magento .

  • It’s effortless to install and utilize the module with the coding based on Magento architecture that also allows you to free to customize the code.
  • This module supports a lot of essential features of a marketplace online. Below are some best features of this extension:
  1. The entire control on disabling or enable any product by vendor.
  2. Admin can access to approval, remove or disable any vendor products.
  • Well-matched with Magento Product Design: Allow seller to create their own design or create product like T-shirt, mugs, hats.
  • Authorize Orders, products, transactions and other essential statements.
  • Let users to sign into the marketplace site with social accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Google and LinkedIn.
  • Allow the Customers to send the message to the vendors about their purchased product or get more about specific product

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